Independence Day Celebrated at The Maurya School

The Maurya School, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon celebrated the 68th Independence Day of India with great fervour and patriotism on August 15, 2015. The program commenced with the formal welcome by the Head of the School, Ms Shalini Bajaj. The National Flag was unfurled by the Chief Guest Maj Gen P S Narwal, Guests of Honour Commodore K S Noor and Padma Shri K C Johorey and other dignitaries It was followed by the March-past and Drum’s Roll by the young aspiring soldiers of the Maurya School. Importance to ‘Save the Environment’ was reiterated by having a tree planting ceremony. Releasing tri- coloured balloons was a memorable moment as the sky was dotted by the colours of the Indian Flag.

Maj Gen Narwal and Commodore Noor shared their views with the keen audience. It was emphasised by them that ‘Freedom’ is a gift, privilege and a responsibility. Freedom does not mean in doing what one wants to do, but doing what is expected. The beauty of India lies in its ability to flourish inspite of its cultural and religious diversity. Their speeches were motivating and inspirational.

The students put up a fantastic cultural show. Patriotism leads to unity, irrespective of religion, language, caste, custom and tradition was displayed by enthralling dance performances, poems, speeches and a ballet. The achievements of Indians before we became slaves to the British Rule and the evolution of today’s India as a super power were highlighted. Keeping with the mood, the ballet further flamed the fire of patriotism . A pledge was taken not to let the sacrifices of our freedom fighters go waste and keep the flag of Mother India flying high and mighty forever. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks rendered by the Senior Coordinator Ms Meena Awasthi. Parents left with their wards after having a cup of tea, with renewed pride of being Indians.