INVESTITURE CEREMONY held at JM International School

JM International School, Dwarka, celebrated the Investiture ceremony recently. In order to swear in the fresh batch of student council members for the year 2015-16, the school proudly honoured the elected members with badges and sashes.

The chief guest for the day was Honorary SHO of Dwarka, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dogra. The ceremony began by invoking blessings from the almighty, where the respectable guest of honour lit the lamp of knowledge and prosperity.

The dancers from the school continued the invocation through a dance, seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha, with an amalgamation of Indian classical dances. This was coupled with a solo song performance on Kun Faya from Rockstar. 

An inspiring video was also shared to encourage the council members in order to strengthen their leadership skills. Considering the many distractions in a student’s life, which hamper their concentration to work effectively and efficiently, students performed a mime to throw light upon the issue of mobile addiction, which further motivated all to overcome it and perform their duties with panache.

The school choir too mesmerized everyone with the energetic song Shola Shola from London Dreams. The badges and sashes were distributed to the elected members of the student council by the guest of honor, along with the Director of JMIS and the Principal, Ms. Anuradha Govind.

It was followed by the oath taking ceremony, where the leaders pledged to serve the school and country dutifully.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dogra, the chief guest for the occasion, congratulated the students and encouraged them to dispense their duties with utmost conscientiousness. He further shared the recent efforts undertaken by Delhi Police to ensure women safety, encouraging all to undertake the responsibility of ensuring wellbeing for all.