Invoking Gandhi: J.M International School marked Gandhi 2.0 week

JM International school has always believed in encouraging the endeavors of students to reach beyond the prefixed benchmarks. One such endeavour taken by J M International on this path was  ‘GANDHI 2.0’. Gandhigiri – A new version of Gandhi’s principles, was celebrated with students and teachers via different interestingly thought-intriguing activities. 7 days were gifted to students as a souvenir of Gandhian ideology, where Gandhi’s relevance in contemporary times was acknowledged through multiple combination of competitions of Debate, Elocution, Essay Writing and others.

Activities such as deck and depict, Swachchata drive, Slam poetry session, skits, talks, book reviews, exhibition of paintings revolving around Gandhi’s life and the stream of truth Gandhi ji has touched upon, with Vidya Daan campaign were undertaken in a most befitting manner under the beacon of light Principal, Dr. Anuradha Govind, JM International School to explore Gandhian meaning in modern scenario. On the 7th day, best selected talents were showcased and felicitated by students, teachers and parents as a tribute to Gandhian philosophy of truth and peace.

Gandhian way to greener city: ‘Green Dandi March’ with JM International School

Revisiting Gandhian principles and beliefs has changed the face of protests and resistance. This time yet again JM International school conducted a rally to remember Gandhi’s Swachchata movement around the school to educate the people about the ill-effects of plastic around us. Students took out their peace march, ‘Green Dandi March’ on the roads with the determination to make the city plastic-free.

 JM International has firmly believed that students are the future policy makers. Henceforth, it is crucial to generate awareness amongst the young ignited minds where they are able to take the marshal towards a greener and better world. The rally was a shout out to withdrawal of using plastics with slogans ‘ Do something drastic, say no to plastic’, ‘No plastic is fantastic’ & ‘JM ka naara hai, Plastic ko hatana hai’. The motive of making small changes in routine can lead to a  huge difference towards a greener city was taken forward by JM International school students to the people during the peaceful march.