JMIS organized SRIJAN

SRIJAN is a project expo of JMIS which is held every year as an initiative towards the school and student’s betterment. It was held on 28th July 18’. The idea is always to develop an academic excellence among students with complete responsibility of parents and teachers to inspect their work. It is a construction weaved specially for better understanding between teachers-students and parents. The level of transparency is maintained through various events held in the classes.

All the classes were representing themes and displayed their work in an eventful manner. From as enlightening theme as Heritage to as thoughtful theme as Literature was impeccably executed in the respective classes. Each class from Ankur to 8th took the responsibility to display their summer vacation’s hard work in front of the parents and teachers.

Children also showcased their art projects. It enabled students to explore real-world problems and challenges, simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups.