The Lokpal awards – vote now!

Dear friends across India,

Our inglorious MPs have truly outdone themselves — after nine months of endless debating, they failed to even vote on the Jan Lokpal. The bill is so beloved by all Indians that it should’ve practically been a no brainer for our representatives!

They didn’t vote, but we can — let’s pin the blame on the politicians who betrayed us, so that they think twice before obstructing so easily next time. Welcome to the very first Lokpal Awards, where people from across India choose the Lokpal losers — the worst politicians obstructing a strong Lokpal!

Vote now for the top Lokpal loser — together we can put them on the path to redemption. Also vote for your favourite Lokpal hero who persistently pushed the bill forward. If we all vote at the link below we can generate a massive media buzz from now until the Lokpal Awards Ceremony we’re organizing in Delhi — and show our politicians that the people have not backed down from their demand to pass a strong Lokpal:
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The recent Lokpal debates were filled with so much needless drama that at times they felt like scenes from a Bollywood movie – RJD MP Rajniti Prasad tore up the bill, and Samajwadi party MPs walked out of the Lok Sabha. All the while, Congress leaders insisted that Parliament pass a toothless bill, pretending that there was nothing wrong with their hapless version of the bill, pretending there was nothing wrong with watering down this important anti-corruption measure.

Even so-called proponents of a strong Lokpal such as the BJP and their allies introduced an astounding 187 amendments — totally unnecessary given the bill had already been negotiated across party lines in a Parliamentary committee! All in all, the Lokpal saga showed how corrupt politicians from all sides stop at nothing to scuttle our dream to stamp out corruption in India.

People power has made anti-corruption the great issue of our time, and again it can make the difference now. Let’s use our weapon of choice – people-powered satire – to have our say and shame these villains through a public mock award ceremony. Nominate your choices now, and send this email to your friends:
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Voting every few years is not enough to hold politicians to account. It is only through constant pressure that they remember that they represent the people, not themselves and their parties. Ensuring that our politicians don’t get away with their disgraceful behaviour is a vital part of our ongoing struggle to rid our country of corruption at all levels.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Alex, Jamie, Shibayan, Shivendra, Pascal and all of us at Avaaz