JOIN GOONJ initiatives during Joy of Giving Week (2-8 Oct.’12)

Joy of Giving Week (October 2nd- 8th) is back. Here are our initiatives- Pan India collection of material under ’Vastra-Samman’ & ‘School to School’ and ’60 Dignified days’. 

It’s your turn to get involved. Here are simple steps to involve your organisation and employees;

– Initiate multi- city campaigns, poster is enclosed for the internal circulation.

– Motivate your employees to join the ‘60 dignified days’ campaign where a woman gets ‘Easy’ sanitary pads & undergarments for an year in just Rs. 250 or $ 5. Refer- for more details.

– GOONJ sends around 1000 tones of material annually in far- flung parts of the country in 21 states which involves collection to processing, repair, storage, wages, transportation to feedback. It’s a large logistical operation. We are certainly keen that if every individual starts contributing even Rs. 100/- with the material and the organisation matches it, handling logistics will be much easier without burdening anybody. Goes without saying financial resources are a critical ongoing need.

Other urgent requirements during this campaign are-
– Storage space for 3 months in many cities
– Transportation- interstate and with in the cities
– Financial contributions for the campaign, refer-
– Packing material- plastic gunny bags
– Big quantity of one- side used papers for making posters & leaflets
– Volunteers in different cities. Write to us for more details.

Do confirm your participation on and to see the list of our city offices where you can send material & monetary contribution, please refer- (All monetary contributions to GOONJ.. are exempted u/s 80G).

Look forward to your active participation.

Anshu Gupta (Ashoka Fellow)