ANHLGT delegation met DCP Anil Kumar Ojha regarding Protection of Public Property in Dwarka

Citizen’s Reporter
Cicily Kodiyan,
President of ANHLGT

ANHLGT delegation consisting of governing body members met DCP Mr. Anil Kumar Ojha on 19th Arpil 2011 and apraised him about the stolen property in Dwarka. Transformers, electrical poles and fittings, iron railings of the parks, benches from the parks, lids of the manholes, nalas, cables and electrical wires etc are stolen regularly without any fear and hindrance. Even though it is informed to the police but till now culprits are not caught. Drug addictors are roaming around. As there is no light in and around the park it becomes centre of anti social elements and criminals. These problems create a lot of insecurity among the residents. Thieves enter from the backside of the societies, as there are no lights on side of the roads and by lanes. Open manholes and nalas causing regular accidents, children fall in and die. So we request DCP to take special measures to protect the public property. Mr. Ojha patently heard all complaints and told us that he will take necessary measures. He will be calling public-police meeting on regular basis in various sectors of Dwarka, so that he can understand the problems people facing, which will help him to control the crimes and security related problems of the area.

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