KAALA TEEKA Raises A Voice Against Superstition

Prembabu Sharma​

Having launched on 2nd November 2015 at 7 PM, Zee TV’s latest primetime offering Kaala Teeka is a poignant social drama that attempts to break the shackles of age-old superstitions and endeavors to create awareness against it amongst the masses. Set in Mithila, Bihar, it is the story of two young girls whose lives are entwined by an act of superstition. The show captures the journey of a girl child Kaali who is treated as a human Kaala Teeka for another child Gauri and is expected to shadow her everywhere for the well-being of the latter. This regressive, superstitious belief of using one child’s presence merely to ward off evil influences from another poses several obstacles in the former’s path of growth and overall development. The show captures a worst form of superstitions – personification! It showcases Kaali’s journey of hope as she overcomes these challenges and enables Gauri to find her true self. She also reaches out to her own aspirations and ambitions in life and becomes an inspiration to others.

The show has opened to great appreciation from the masses and now come to a point where Manjari (Dalljiet Kaur) – Vishwaveer’s (Bhupinder Singh) first wife, who has not been able to bear children, has developed strong maternal instincts for Kaali, and to ensure her well-being, has taken on everyone in the family including her husband. To make sure that Kaali’s hopes, dreams and aspirations are taken care of, Manjari will set forth certain terms and conditions to her husband Vishwaveer Jha. Kaali, on her part, no matter how hard the situations have been, has managed to retain her child-like innocence and positivity. She remains optimistic for a better tomorrow. Will Manjari be able to fulfill Kaali’s dreams, will she be able to fight with the entire family for her is what the audiences can watch out for in the upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka.

Dalljiet Kaur who is in the city today to promote the show said, “What drew me to the show is the fact that it delivers a very strong social message in the most engaging manner. All of us unwittingly follow a few superstitions in a bid to welcome good luck into our lives or out of the fear of attracting negative energies. But one shouldn’t give in to irrational behavior that is harmful to ourselves. So, it’s about knowing where to draw the line. Kaala Teeka raises a voice against those superstitions that serve no purpose, add no meaning to our lives and in fact come in the way of someone’s overall growth. My character Manjiri is one of a strong woman, the only ray of hope for Kaali in the family. It’s time now for Manjiri to stand up for Kaali, even if it means taking on her own family. I’m positive that audiences will love the new plot and would want to be a part of Kaali’s journey of hope.”