Khalish-The modern Youth & their immature relationship

(Film Review: S.S.Dogra)

Khalish is a story showing frustration in youth. Director of the film Karan Kapoor showcased the young mindset beautifully. 

The story revolves around the young male/female friends who always desire high expectation from their partners.

Vishal Garg playing the lead role who is a passionate Guitarist and have great fan of music world but her girl friend never feel comfortable with him as he is more fascinated with his guitar than his girl friend. Tulika Pachori, Paras Bahl, Vishwas Tiwari also acted decently. 

Karan kapoor is the editor, Story screenplay & dialogues writer. Paras bahl -the cinematographer. The Voice over by Vishal Garg Used in a unique style in the film.
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