Bhumika Saraswati

India’s largest youth led organisation: Indian Road Safety Campaign, working with the mission of road safety, launched the biggest championship for all colleges across India on 19th August 2017. Launch of The Safer India Challenge(iSAFE’17) was graced by the presence of Mr. Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as the Chief Guest. While, Prof. PVM Rao, who is known to be a pioneer in the field of science and technology, magnified the occasion as the Guest of Honour. As the winning trophy was unveiled by Guests, the audience, also participants for iSAFE’17, cheered with joyfulness.

Thereafter, calling upon youth of our country to contribute towards making indian roads safer, first event under iSAFE’17 was initiated. It was a Panel Discussion on the topic “How can youth contribute in changing the scenario of road-safety in India?” With, Mr. Dinesh Mohan, Head, W.H.O. Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Safety Technology along with Mrs. Sushma Sagar from AIIMS Trauma Care, Mr. Rohit Baluja, UN Representative of Road Safety in India with Dinesh Gupta from Delhi Traffic Police and Mr. Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary, (MoRTH) were the panelists for the discussion. With a diverse panel inclusive of people from Ministry, Police, Social Sector, Advocacy and Journalism, it was an interactive event for the college going student audience. Mr. Dipak K Dash, Senior Reporter with The Times of India moderated the panel discussion. All panelists shared their views, findings and opinions with 850 students that had gathered in Seminar Hall at IIT Delhi.

Moreover, Hon’ble Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari also addressed the audience by sending a short video encouraging all college students to participate in iSAFE’17 in order to work for the cause of Road Safety. This nine month long college championship(iSAFE’17), being organised by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways(MoRTH), Indian Road Safety Campaign(IRSC), TRIPP and Delhi Traffic Police. It is a rare opportunity for people who want to contribute to the issue of road safety and work with the ministry(MoRTH) under the guidance of experts from varied field. iSAFE’17 gives students an opportunity to work for the society at large. Many internship, fellowship and scholarship will be provided to best students. Prize worth 50 Lakhs will be be given to the winning teams. Activities under iSAFE’17 have been organised keeping in view of, “making them do, what they like to do” to create a sustainable impact. Holistically, the impacts of the championship would include Technical innovations, Medical Research, 500+ sq. km on ground level implementation to improved road conditions and improved emergency care.

Register yourself now, work hard and get appreciated from Ministry(MoRTH) and Delhi Traffic Police. To register, visit: .

Last date to register is 1st September, 2017.
For further details visit iSAFE’17 website at: .