Meeting of DCP, ACP and SHO’S with RWA’S held

Sushil kumar
A meeting was organized by Delhi Police on 7.2.2010 at CCRT Auditorium, Sector 7 with RWA’S of Dwarka.Representative of RWA/CGHS Managenent.Representatives of Dwarka Forum and Federation of CGHS were also present.

The DCP Mr. Kannan Jagdishan conducted initial part of the meeting along with Mr. Naresh Kumar (SHO-DWK North) and later on Mr. Bhagwan Singh (SHO Dwarka 23) and ACP Mr. Randhawa joined. Then DCP Left.In his initial remark DCP sought cooperation of Public and expressed the difficulties of DP while carrying out its duty.

Mr.Sushil Kumar on behalf of Dwarka Forum and residents raised the primary and foremost issue of NON-Registration of FIR’s.

The DCP assured that any incident whether criminal serious nature or even small encroachment. The citizen MUST call 100 number, the whole record is maintained for such complaints(ie. PCR Control Room, PCR Vans, District Control Room and finally SHO Control Room). In addition if any difficulty for anyone. The DCP given his personal email id official email as well as his mobile nos (9818099048) , The ACP Mobile No. 9818082825 and email ,
SHO Dwk sector 23 9810196626 (Sector 6 to 10 19 to 23)
SHO North DWK 9818120777  (Sector 1 to 5 8 to 18 )
for any delay or problem in FIR registration.

The lower level staffs are being trained now regularly to adjust with modern times and cooperating with residents. Some still not comes in line are being transferred time to time.

Mr.Mathews of Federation of CGHS announced that they would give 1 CCTV to all CGHS for free.(This is not clear whther for thier fedration member or for all cghs across board).

The DCP also informed for verificaiton of Job purpose etc the Police Charge Rs. 250/- per application and issue certiciate this can be benefit for residents.

Regarding verificaiton of Servants/Tenants was one of the main issue that representative taken up:
The DCP and ACP informed the non-cooperation from other states units. The ACP informed the best and easy way to verify address is sending Rs. 10/ Money Order to servant/tenants address. For tenants some suggestion were get existing residents recommendation and taking copies of the documetns ID etc from working organisation etc. Some pockets/CGHS dont allow tenants without getting verificaiton paper filed etc.

U N Mathur Vidyu Apartment Sector 12 Plot No. 2 raised the issue about unauthorised hawkers.

Dr. OP Verma Sector 18 B raised issue of non cooperation from some residents including one senior citizen (The tiff with residents and RWA a regular one).
Ms. Nandini from Gold Craft society informed 3 burgelories in the last week from sector 11, cash worth over 4 laksh looted.

Chinesse vans.

Shahjahbad CGHS, Sector 11, President raised issue of Chineese van.
DCP assured to remove all unlicensed Chinesse Vans. He mentioned some of them have license, which Police will also check with MCD on thier status and legal position.

The ACP informed 70% reduction in Snatching. If any record of crime reduction need may file RTI and can be shared.

Token for Vehicles:

The ACP suggested all Socities must impliment token system for vehicles.
Some RWA reps informed the difficulty as some residents object and not obey to such rules. The ACP assured if any such incident of non-cooperation they may seek police help after internal exercise are exhausted.

The DCP/ACP also insist on checking all locked flats(especially who are vocation or away for short or long period). These checks must be on random from 11 PM to 4 AM.

On verificaiton of guards and security agencies. Both DCP/ACP stressed in compliance with new Private Secruity Act that passed by Parliament and then by Delhi Govt. The Police will get the list of all registred and recognised Secuirty Companies and will circulate among resident to select new security agencies. The act have many provision that helps the citizen to new private security. The DCP/ACP also assure they will issue some guidelines based on interactions and experiences.

Sanmat RWA from Sector 7 raised the issue of hawkers.

The ACP suggested some new agencies that interested in providing house/vehicle theft/burglary alarm etc are :

Mr. Upesh Malhotra of Blue Tech 9910436700
Burglory alarrm normal rate is Rs 2500 per flat + 15% AMC
Auto Cops Reps is 9958797272