Visit to Asiad Circus

A visit to a circus is a field trip destination unlike any other. As an exploratory experience for any age group, the show explore possibilities and expand the limits of unlimited fun. The students from Little Steps to class VIII of The Indian Heights School, Sector 23 Dwarka visited to Asiad Circus as a learning trip on December 7,2018 to gain one-of-kind educational experience. The show commenced with some young gymnasts, both boys and girl, showed their physical feats. Aerial performances of feats above the ground especially on a trapeze left everyone awestruck. Balancing acts on ropes and bicycles further ensured a state of equilibrium that promoted focus and fearlessness. They presented good fests on wheels. Intermittent fests by the jokers made the spectators burst in to laughter. The visit to the circus was indeed a day full of adventure and thrilling experience.