Moulding Digital Generation into global leaders with Human Values

Dr. (Mrs) Rajee N Kumar 

N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka

As an educationist, through this eternal journey in pursuit of educational excellence, we encourage the students to bear a great sense of belongingness, responsibility and compassion for the fellow human beings. We believe that, children are born with innate talents and potential, which just needs to be chiseled with the investment of motivation and guidance to bring their shimmering qualities to the fore.

With advancement in science every year, new technology renders the latest gadgets obsolete. Nothing is permanent and change is the reality of life. Keeping this in perspective, even the teachers who do not change with time could become obsolete, as the gadgets of bygone years. To keep ourselves abreast with the changing pace of time, we, the educationists need to update ourselves and be in sync with the thoughts and ideology of the new generation, “Learning is a journey from the womb to the tomb”. Learning never stops and teachers should concentrate on psychoanalytical techniques to impart proper knowledge flow without encouraging rote learning to boost students’ morale and intelligent quotient. For teachers the three R’s- Respect, Rapport and Recognition are the cardinal principles of teaching the adolescents. Always leave a mark in their lives by being an approachable teacher and a mentor whom they will remember fondly throughout their life.

I also urge the parents to interact with their children with love, not with anger and use total positive thoughts instead of negative emotions. It is always seen that, whenever, children commit mistakes we, as adults, let off steam and the children only develop skills to cope with parental pressure and teachers’ anger, by hiding facts and in the process, everyone loses sight of the main issue. So remember, children will listen and learn only if you deal with them lovingly and rationally. Parents must listen carefully to their wards and give quality time and have patience to remove the behavioral viruses entering their homes. This can be done, by having family lunches or dinners together with healthy discussions without the television and internet intruding your conversation.

21st century skills are the skills today’s children need to thrive in school, college and beyond. The 3R’s- learning basic Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is still a must. But this is not enough, as our children need additional cognitive skills to withstand today’s competitive world. They need to synthesize information to communicate effectively and to collaborate in the process of development. The world has transformed into a knowledge economy. Apparently, the present generation, needs to be differently motivated as they are brought up on internet. To this purpose, employment of technological advancement is quintessential!

We venture far beyond narrow thresholds; in a global community consequently, comprehension of global issues besides the importance of health and wellbeing is indispensible. Hence, nurturing 21st century skills such as adaptability, leadership, collaboration, flexibility and self-direction, we ensure global survivability. As a 21st century teacher, one needs to pull oneself to be a role model for the students, advocating positivity to inculcate self belief. A modern day teacher can make a difference in the lives of children playing multifarious roles nurturing young minds to be an agent of change.

Let us enlighten ourselves with the vibrant colours of education so that we bring up the digital generation who will develop into global leaders with human values.