Share Trading Educational Institute Opens in Dwarka

Good news is in the offing for residents of our sub-city Dwarka, especially for those who wish to learn all about the art and science of share trading and investment. Trade View Education Pvt. Ltd has opened its office in Dwarka. The company, founded by Shri Vimal Pathak, imparts education in the area of share trading and investment.

Many feel that trading on the stock market is nothing but speculation, and some even go to the extent of comparing this activity with gambling. Nothing could be further away from the truth. Share trading can be done with a great degree of success if one understands the parameters and makes a proper analysis of the charts and chart patterns. Movements can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy. An in-depth understanding of the indicators helps us to assess and predict with a high degree of probability the movement in coming period. What’s more, in case things do not go as forecast, there is always an easy way out through exercising stop-loss, thus minimizing the loss.

Trade View Education Pvt. Ltd. conducts a month long structured classroom type on-line course on Technical Analysis. Classes last for ninety minutes, followed by half an hour of question and answer session. Classes are held every alternate night to suit all categories of students. Students come from all sections of society – retired executives, working professionals as well as home makers, all with a view to learn about trading and investment, and put their skills to good use. Homework is given regularly and monitored to assess students’ performance and progress. At the end of the course, all students are added to a Whatsapp group in which information on various market trends and promising stocks are shared, to help members to analyze these scrips and take trades. Free grooming sessions are held at frequent intervals which act as a refresher course to students, and help them to sharpen their skills. Thus lifelong handholding is available to anyone who opts for this course. Moreover, all this comes with a money back guarantee, i.e. a 100% immediate return of the registration amount if a student desires to discontinue after initial four concept sessions. The topics covered comprise Basics of Stock Market, Candlestick Patterns, Time Frames, Chart Patterns, Identifying Trends, and Demand & Supply Zone, Stock Selection, Trade Set-up and Entry & Exit Criteria, etc. Apart from above, other important topics covered are demat account, risk management, mind management, money management and psychology behind the market.

Almost a hundred students from various places like Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Mysore and Abu Dhabi have completed this course and are putting their skills to good use on the stock market, thus augmenting their incomes in times of job loss, salary cuts or salary deferments. What is of special interest to Dwarkaites is that the company has opened its office in sector 1 Dwarka, and the Founder cum Trainer Shri Vimal Pathak is easily accessible in case of any need. With his helpful nature and passion for teaching, Vimal is a go-to man for any queries and clarifications at any point of time. Trade View Education Pvt. Ltd. is an authentic agency in Stock Market Training & Investing. The goal of Trade View is to educate people in this field, and make them self-dependent in all forms of trading and investing across financial products and services.

A few words about Shri Vimal Pathak………….Founder and CEO Vimal Kumar Pathak has truly evolved from a raw beginner, to a highly accomplished expert in the areas of Trading and Training. A charismatic personality and passionate teacher with great connect with his audience, Vimal is a consistent performer and successful positional trader in commodities and stocks. He possesses high grasping power and has a focused, no-nonsense approach. Vimal not only dreams big but is prepared to craft any and all actions required to fructify these dreams. Having worked earlier at Kotak Life Insurance Company as a Senior Recruitment Officer for 2 years, he endeared himself to all with his simplicity, diligence, hard work and sincerity. Entering the choppy waters of the stock market at a young age of 25, Vimal has become a master of chart analysis and is a keen follower of Elliott Waves. With in-depth knowledge of trading concepts, Vimal is a perfect trainer, mentor and team man. His aim is to impart these skills to as many as possible so that one may have a secondary source of income and consequently, a better life.
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