Face got burnt               Enjoying sun bath

It was Deepawali night, all houses in our society were well lit with candles, diyas, colourful electric bulbs. As usual after Puja and exchange of gifts, children started burning crackers. I was watching them from my balcony . Suddenly my eyes fell on the corner of the park where few children were playing with three small kittens. When enquired, I was told that there are three small kittens . I think soon their mother will come and take them to a safer palace. The night passed by with no sign or sound of kittens (Meow). Next day there was no sign of them during day and I thought that they might have been taken by their mother. But in the evening, suddenly I heard the sound of Meow. I came out in the balcony saw the three white kittens unable to walk crying coming towards the staircase. One resident put some milk in a plate for them but they were so terrified that they go to the extreme corner and sit united. I go down to see them. My heart broke down on seeing them. There were tears in their eyes, face wet with tears, so weak that they are not able to run and eyes half closed. I just catch them, they were so small that they came in my one hand and bring them in my house. Place them on a cloth, they were so weak that they do not even walk properly. They just sat on the cloth. I washed their eyes and face which were wet with tears. While cleaning them, I saw one has burnt his face and moustache. Cream was put on the burnt area. After this their fear somewhat come down and they gathered come courage. Put some milk in a dish, they came near the dish and sipped some and again sit on the cloth. A box was arranged. Some warm clothes were put inside and the box was placed on a plastic sheet and kept it in the balcony. The three kittens were put inside the box and they remain there without making any noise or movement. As they were very tired, hungry and exhausted, they need some rest.

The slept whole night without any disturbance and making any noise. Next morning, come out to see them. On seeing them they just jumped out of the box and come near us and started “meowing”. May saying thanks for making arrangement for a good sleep. My family feels very happy on watching them making noise. Their eyes were open with normal size, which was half open previous day.

During the night sleep, they have wet the cloth put inside the box and the box was also a little bit wet. They were put in the sun for drying and make another bed for them. They have finished the milk given last night so more milk was given. They quickly came near the dish and started sipping milk. By noon they have finished the milk. We keep watch on the dish and put milk when its finished. Day passed by. They have started walking and jumping and milk also finished quickly. May be only milk is not filling their appetite, some bread finely mashed is mixed with milk and served. They liked it and ate them.

New born kittens                                EarlierKittens now grown old
After few days they started “Meowing” whenever the milk is finished. We feel that they have recognized us. Days pass by watching their childish activities and also searching their mother. No sign of their mother was found. One day our next door neighbor told that she had seen a pussy with matching colors of the kittens near the society pump house. It was decided to keep the kittens outdoor so that their mother can come and the family will get united. We shift the kittens in a safe place near the entrance to the terrace, which is a covered area. During day time we open the terrace door. The kittens play in sunny terrace. We have put the dish with milk and another with water. They use to play among themselves, come take sip of milk and again play. When they feel tired and hot in the sun. They get inside the covered place. Days pass on watching their play and our love and affection also increase with passing time. Whenever we come down to our flat they also come down jumping the stairs.

Now it is almost one month, they have now quite up and can now recognize our voice, our flat. Whenever there is any problem or milk is finished one come down and start meowing to draw our attention. Now the three don’t fear human beings, move and go to anybody moving on the terrace. But whenever we call them with a special sound they came running and show their obedience.

This is the second batch. The first was a pussy and two kittens. Now they have grown up and left the place. But seldom comes at our door to show their remembrance.

Citizen’s reporter
Arun Banerjee