Our education system should focus on creativity

The edifice of a school rests on four pillars i.e. the students, the teachers, the parents and the school management. A proper coordination among these factors may go a long way in educating the future society appropriately. To begin with the students, we should accept that the mental level of all children is unequal. Hence, the teachers are expected to handle the children in such a way that they take care of both the intelligent children as well as below average children. They should encourage average and below average children to come up with better performance. Education should be imparted in regional language in order to enable the children to understand the subject matter easily. The children should also study one international language (may be English) for better communicating with the world at large. Our education system should be such which focuses on creativity, which develops analytical skills and scientific temper.

As far as contribution of the parents in the development of their children is concerned, they should not expect from their children only the top position in the class. They should understand the mental level of their children. They should not compare the performance of their child with other children otherwise the child may feel depressed. They should rather devote more time with their children and gradually encourage them for picking up things. The PTMs may help parents in improving performance of their child. The teachers should not have negative attitude towards an average or below average child. They must, with their positive attitude, help the parents to bring about improvement in the performance of their children.

The School Managements must concentrate on improving the quality of education. They should work on this dictum, “The past is over, forget it. The future holds hope, reach for it.” The school must appoint best teachers the standards of education by their hard work, sincerity and devotion. The managements are expected to provide all sorts of facilities to the teachers. They should use latest techniques in the field of education for producing students who may do wonders in their life.

For all round development of the personality of students, the school must lay emphasis on cultural activities and sports, craftsmanship, music, dances, debates etc. Values of Indian culture such as truth, honesty, tolerance, love etc. should be practiced in the schools for making a healthy, peaceful and entertaining environment.

At VIS we are taking care of the above said points which have led to soaring heights of performance in all fields of activities.

V P Tandon
Vandana International Sr. sec. school,
Sector-10, Dwarka, New Delhi