PK- Pol Khol-Corruption Free Religion is Possible.

Rakesh Manchanda

How to challenge fake religion shops and finally protect and rescue religion? Fun is in enjoying the exposure of business tricks used by few to earn profit from the Religion.PK is a simple new Global Indian Film that appears surpassing all old records of education and entertainment. It has full time per minute ability to mesmerise the audience and delivery a possible change of heart. Strongly but sweetly choreographed message is packed with love, culture humour, peace, tolerance and humanity all knit together in a palatable kit. Shame ! An Alien (instead of traditional Netas) in the film has to teach us with an ease heard about Gandhi.

Religion is a `vehicle` that is meant to take you to `truth`. Readers will remember several such images without helmets on motorcycle dressed as `Lord Shiva` election rallies and also in Public places.
Thanks to the Lord Shiva Chase scene in PK. The comical sequence chase exposes another fake Baba trick sitting on roadside with a yoga posture in mid air makes everyone laugh. The carefully crafted lyrics of Bhagwan-Khai Hai Tu ? Where are you hiding ? shall make you cry in support of Indians besides an `Alien` who wants to go back home but cannot as his remote is stolen. Music melody may help you realise how strong is the `network` of fake shops in the name of God. 

Merchandising shops of Religion are never perfect. Objection and excuse of violent protesters is that `God Shiva` is shown pulling a rickshaw while escaping is making fun of Hinduism. All these protesters honestly admit that they have not seen the film but have heard about it.

Such media images along with Har Har Modi chant of last Lok Sabha election had resulted in Modi Brigade landslide win. Package of Modi win included a catchy slogan `Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas` with focus on Participation of All & Development of All.

People of India as `losers` are shamelessly reduced as `blind` followers not fit enough to be informed as to why the Modi Sarkar`s Censor Board had passed PK when the Cinema Theatres are under threat stop the show. Majority who have seen this film are jubilant about their `Paissa Vassol` entertainment cum fun education. Those who are violent and are protesting outside theatres are requested to `vote to buy ticket` for the next show and then exercise judgement for betterment of all.

Many who have watched the film PK put it as an educative corruption free Religion fantasy. Film dares to put competing religions as profitable companies viewers explain me laughing. Old Movey lovers recollect their fun childhood -growing up searching Real Hinduism and enjoying old Religious movies of Late Dara Singh the Wrester cum Actor.

While PK rocks it shocks the guilty. Religion Merchandisers who cheat in our daily life are getting exposed by losing their cloths each day.

`Apply Neutral Human Rules` to separate the fraud and profit from the religion and you shall enjoy the juice of the film navigation.

It is not a vulgar or a scary film as put wrongly by corrupt leaders and their honest followers outside the theatres. The neonatal kick each minute PK gives is to see that Corruption Free Religion is Possible.

About Author : Has worked in India and several countries in Cotton Agro Sector and is now monitoring views the historical people movement for a Swaraj.