Politician​s ki Bajaa de re aadhi raat ko -Nikita Rawal

Nilofer Ansari

We know that midnight is very important in the political as well as the film scenario. Many controversies have happened during night. Be it the rave parties or the important political decisions which have overthrown governments time and again. Now when mobile rings and that too of a dancer who is entertaining top bureaucrats and politicians then the matter is controversial in itself.

The above mentioned scene is from an upcoming film “Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited” which promises to uncover many secrets of the Dharna and the power play behind it. Now what this particular item song in the film signifies or uncovers, will be clear only when the film releases, till then one can enjoy the song Say, “actress Nikita Rawal who has performed in this song is so good with her dance moves and raunchy expressions that her phone will definitely start ringing the whole day, including midnight…” quips the director of the film Navin Batra.

Even Nikita Rawal says” the demand of the song was such that I’ve given some very different moves. And what kind of moves, you has to wait for the song! to release.” The song reportedly has such ‘different’ moves that will create lots of waves amongst the masses for sure! Till then, the lyrics are enough to keep the front benchers titillate.