Rendezvous (In & Off the Fields) is very useful book for media students

Rendezvous (In & Off the Fields) is very useful book for media students to learn the art of Interviewing.
(By Shreeya Katyal )
You Can Fly
If one has wings,
One can fly,
But, I don’t know how to fly.
Yes, I am passionate and determined
For Exploring the sky;
I’m sure Someday or the other
I’ll fly high-up in the sky.

The above two stanzas sprinkle innovative communication, dedication and determination and are taken from one of the most inspiring poems “You Can Fly” by S.S.Dogra whose 4th book “Rendezvous”, which is a collection of Interviews of top notch 75 celebrated personalities, launched recently.

The title of this book RENDEZVOUS (IN & OFF THE FIELDS) tells the significance of its own. It’s a collection of seventy five interviews of various eminent people from varied fields like politics, literature, cinema, media, education, agriculture, spirituality, law, sports, medical, social influencer, environment, etc. taken by Professor S.S.Dogra during his long Journalism career of twenty eight years.

Human beings are just like Human Books and each one of us has a great inspirational story to share. One just needs to learn the art of reading these human books to accumulate more and more knowledge. This book, has two hundred forty two pages which exhibit the interviews of prominent personalities like Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Singh Thakur, motivational speaker B.K.Shivani, Media Celebrity-Dr.Sandeep Marwah, Indian Football team Captain Sunil Chhetri, Legend Bollywood Actor Prem Chopra-Tinaa Ghaai, renowned cardiologist Dr.R.N.Kalra, famous Ayurvedic Doctor Pratap Chauhan, 83-World Cup Cricket winning team Cricketer Kirti Azad, Cyber law Expert Dr.Pavan Duggal, renowned Sports Journalist Manoj Joshi, Pakistani Reformer Educationist-Rehan Allahwala-Dr.V.P.Tondon, Renowned Author-Dr.Ashok Lav-Dr.Kirti Kale, Ace Everester Bachendri Pal Singh, President of India Awardee V.C. Prof.(Dr.) Mahesh Verma, Veteran Writer Laxman Rao, legend lyricist Sameer Anjaan, Olympic medalist boxer Vijender Singh, Famous motivational speaker and author Shiv Khera, European Writer Maria, Israeli Diplomat-IIan Divon, Comedian Raju Srivastava etc. who shared their inspiring journey and success mantras with Prof. Dogra.

This book is a great piece of information for Media Students to learn the art of interviewing. Also, it’s a good source of inspiration for readers all around the globe to get inspired through the success stories of 75 achievers from various fields exhibited in this single book. I believe that we get inspired from someone to inspire someone and that’s how this circle of passing knowledge & wisdom from one generation to another keeps on going.

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Professor S.S.Dogra has rich experience in the field of Media and he has also conducted more than two hundred fifty Media Workshops in India and Nepal. Moreover, his debut book “Media can do wonders in Students’ life” published in 2017 has been referred by Hon’ble President of India to National Law University, Ambedkar University and Indraprastha Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Now, his 4th book can be very useful particularly for media students to learn and understand the art of Interviewing.

(Book Reviewer Shreeya Katyal is an Advocate-Journalist-Author)
Publisher : Rahi Publication-Sarita Vihar- Delhi & Kala Bharti Foundation.
Author : Prof.S.S.Dogra
Total Pages 242
ISBN: 978-93-91532-83-3
Price: Rs.500/-First Edition:2023