Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian, nay all world languages. Sanskriti or culture is derived from it and it abides in the home of every Hindu family in the form of ancient Holy Scriptures. It is alive even after thousands of years in every temple of worship. We worship the Almighty by reciting Shlokas in the divine language of the Gods. It is in the minds of millions of Indians living all over the world, though it may not be spoken or used in common parlance. Sanskrit will continue to remain in the hearts and minds of Hindus across the world. It is imperative and the need of the hour that we Indians preserve this true wealth in our hearts for the benefit of humankind and humanity.

I appeal to all of you to disseminate this information through various forums and platforms to all stakeholders, especially to our students (who are future world leaders) through Schools and Gurukuls, and keep alive our Indian traditions, by keeping Sanskrit and Sanskriti alive.

Jai Hind!!!

Anup Y. Attavar
Connecting Indians
B.E. Mech. (COEP, Pune);
P.G.D. – International Trade (IIFT, New Delhi)
Alumnus – Loyola High School, Pune (India)
Special Correspondent – Dwarka Parichay (Western India)
Independent Creative Writer & Marketing Consultant