Selfie campaign with police

The common people are afraid to go to police . In their eyes the image of the police is not positive . When the police have made ​​people’s problems and help them to overcome for. Police is Public friend. And to promote awareness ” 2B ! India ” has also been launched . 2B CEO Shweta Rohira selfies with the police if the Svy Is extracted they are also motivated by the common man . With selfies a page on Facebook called regular police has started .

Where many people look selfies. Also has begun . The funny thing is that Police unique idea to join the public is well- pleased . And they are also the common man Utsahberdn . And fondly common The man with the selfies were Kicwa . Shweta Rohira believe that this campaign is that the police and the common man will reinforce mutual trust with Sweetness .

However , officially the Republic Day on January 26 this upcoming campaign will start from Shivaji Park, where police will parade . And senior police officers and Bollywood There will be many legendary stars .