Workshop (Closed Loop Green Technologies for Rural Communities) held at Kamdhenu Gowdham

Today students from University College London, United Kingdom visited the Kamdhenu Gowdham situated at village Bissar Akbarpur, Tehsil Tauru at Nuh. They come there in a workshop (Closed Loop Green Technologies for Rural Communities). The theme of this workshop was closed loop green technologies for rural communities with a focus on environmental friendly solutions. Closed loop technologies would include the reuse of solid and food waste for energy generation, improved water resources management, sanitation and energy provision. 

This programme will addresses the goals of the newly formed Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (2016) formulated by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for the Ministry of Human Resources and Development. This scheme promotes design solutions inspired by the vision of transformational change in development processes by leveraging knowledge of academic institutions.
Sh. S.P.Gupta IAS(Retd.) founder chairman of People’s Voice, Kamdhenu Gowdham & Kamdhenu Arogya Sansthan welcome all guests and participants at Goshala.

At Kamdhenu Gowdham all the participants shown the four types of biogas plants, four types of fertilizer manufacture, vegetable & fruit plants based on organic farming at Kamdhenu Gowdham. They also visited the shed where improvement of Indigenous cow breed carried out at Goshala. All the participants showed keen interest in visiting all these things in the rural area for the community development. They were also shown number of products manufacture by Kamdhenu Gowdham such as Ghee, Go Ark, Tulsi Ark, Gonyle, Dard Nivarak Balm, Panchgavya Balm and other products.

Dr. Priti parikh, Associate Professor & Co-host and Dr. Ram Chandra, Energy Bioscience Overseas Fellow (IIT Delhi) appreciate the various projects and research products done at Kamdhenu Gowdham which is doing big contribution in community based rural development.
Shashi Gupta, president of Kamdhenu Gowdham thanked all the guests and participants on behalf of the Kamdhenu Prabandhan Samiti and the function ended with Prasad.

On this occasion, Prof. Marie Lall, Pro Vice provost South Asia, Dr.Luiza Campos & Dr.Aiduan Borrion Academic Member, Sunil Jindal, Mr. Fateh Singh Bansal, Gen. Secretary Ruchir Gupta and Members of Kamdhenu Gow Dham were present and shared their views.