Supreme Court verdict on mobile-tower for an individual should be for all: Delhi must adopt Mumbai-policy of consent of 70-percent residents for installing mobile-towers

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

It refers to Supreme Court verdict dated 11.04.2017 where order was given to remove mobile-tower from the residential-building on plea of an individual claiming that cell-tower gave him cancer. But such an important verdict should be applicable for all citizens of the country where it is a well established fact thatElectro­ Magnetic Fields radiation-exposure due to mobile-towers causes adverse effects on brains and pregnant women specially. Even Central Information Commission in its order dated 20.02.2015 in appeal-number CIC-SA-A-2014-001119 discussed in detail about many reports including World Health Organization press release -Radio Frequency Electro­ Magnetic Fields as possible carcinogenic- to humans based on increased risks for glioma, a malignant type brain cancer.

Authorities in Mumbai have therefore made it compulsory that at least seventy percent of residents in apartments of a multi-storied building must agree for allowing mobile towers to be installed on roof-tops the building. This is why mobile-companies in Mumbai have installed equipments for their mobile network on polls of flyovers. Such a policy should be immediately be for Delhi and other cities also. Already central government has taken steps to allow mobile-towers on government-buildings on sharing basis for all mobile-companies.

All the residents at the multi-story building at Shiv Mahal Apartments, 2, Bansidhar Gupta Lane, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 have given representation to all the concerned authorities to remove mobile-tower from their building. But it seems that the builder having kept roof-rights with himself has adjusted the authorities. Some officer from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India called the secretary of residents-association sometime in mid-March assuring of his visit in regard the complaint. But he never came. Likewise a call came from North Delhi Municipal Corporation about the complaint lodged there. But subsequently no one visited the premises. Mobile-tower installed at Shiv Mahal Apartments, 2, Bansidhar Gupta Lane, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 should be immediately removed in case majority of residents there do not want mobile-towers at their roof-top.