The Indian Heights School is bestowed with ‘Peace Education Award’

Peace as an eternal value to resolve issues not only at global level but even in our day to day lives. With this thought, The Indian Heights School Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi promotes the concept of Peace & Harmony through various initiatives undertaken in the form of in House activities, like Workshops, Peace March, Meditation in morning assemblies and special Peace Sessions conducted by the teachers in the classrooms where students ponder and indulge in self introspection. Continuing with the noble endeavour to strengthen World Peace, the school joined hands with ‘Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light’ an organization establishing Peace in a tangible way. The sustained efforts of inculcating & integrating ‘Peace’ as the core value in the school curriculum were recognized and appreciated when the Chairperson, Ms. Madhu Gupta, and Principal, Ms. Archana Narain were honoured with the prestigious ‘Peace Education Award’ during WRAP summit held on September 17-19, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. HWPL Chairman, Mr. Hee Lee and Chairperson Ms. Kim conveyed their best wishes to the Award holders for being the torch bearers to establish and spread the light of peace. It is indeed a crowning glory moment for the school as we rejoice & continue with our spirit of promoting universal peace and brotherhood among young learners.