“There is a need to bring effective change to our nation’s education policy by adopting practical and behavioural approaches, in to make the Start-Up programme a success”, said ex union minister Dr. Najma Heptulla.

To make Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi’s Start-Up programme a success, Ex Union Minister Dr. Najma Heptulla has emphasised on the need to adopt practical and behavioural approach in our nation’s education policies.
Dr. Najma Heptulla was addressing as a chief guest in a national convention on the topic of “Role of new generation in Nation Building”, organised by Bharat Nirmaan (N.G.O), in the main auditorium in India International Centre. She said that due to the work done by Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi in the last two years, India is being seen with respect and hope. She urged the youth to come at par with the hope which Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has lighted up.

Dr. Najma Heptulla said that everyone wants plaudits for the good work done by him in his life. These plaudits encourage him to do more good works in his life and thus nation progresses. She said in this direction Bharat Nirmaan (N.G.O) is playing a valuable role by doing good works in nation building.

On this occasion, Dr. Najma Heptulla gave Indian Entrepreneur Excellence Awards-2016 (Best Start-Up Awards) to the successful entrepreneurs under the Start-Up programme. Among the awardees are Shri Sujeet Paanigrahi, Dr. Navneet Kumar, Akshi Khandelwal Bhutani, Dr. Pooja Vohra, Shri Ajay Poddar, Shri, Himaish Siwan, Dr. Monisha Kapoor, Shri Sarthak Bakshi, Shri Anurag Chauhan, Smt. Priyanka Krishanan, Dr. L.N. Shashtri, Shri Deepak Sharma, Shri Mann Dua, Dr. Nitin Sharma, Shri Harpreet Baanga, Shri Nayan Jain and Smt. Rajni Rathi. 
On this occasion, Shri P.N. Vijay, Smt. Shubha Rajan, Dr. Rita Bakshi, Smt. Richa Anirudhh and Shri Jayant Muni shared their career’s experiences and gave helpful suggestions to the young entrepreneurs to make the Start-Up programme a success. These well known speakers gave effective suggestions to achieve success such as strong will power, market’s comprehensive research and to keep away the workers from the habit of drinking.

On this occasion convener of Bharat Nirmaan (N.G.O) Shri Ravider C. Bhandari said that we have to create employment opportunities by encouraging entrepreneurship by boosting bank financing for start-up requirements of businesses under the Start-Up programme started by Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi last year on the occasion of Independence Day. He said that the aim of this initiative is to make India a country of employment creator in spite of employment seeker.