Three months predictions – TAURUS

Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May)

Personal:-This is the time when you will show strength,endurance and resilience.You will be patient and have an iron resolve.You will take the right decisions at the right time and won’t be bogged down by pressure. A year which will be testing and trying where you will have to muster all your courage and will power which will inturn teach you to have faith in yourself.
Professional:-Money and materialism will play an important role when making decisions regarding your career. You need to break the bonds and change your way of operating. Your way to get benefits in the material/physical world has a lot to do with your spiritual existence.
Love:Temperance-You will go slow with your love life,striking a balance and not over-doing anything.There is a possibility that you will keep all commitments on a fine balance this year. You need to come to terms with your drawbacks or your partners drawbacks and make adjustments. Incase of stagnation, you will have to take a lead and make a move to get your love life and relationships going.
General:- You will see an end to the testing times in this year and cross threshholds in the bargain. 2008 brings a time of relief after overcoming the hardships faced by you.

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Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services