Vijay K. Saluja
Director, Giraffe Heroes India Program

Living in Dwarka has become, over the times, both an ardous & challenging task, for some of the residents!?

Some may ask why? The queries can be from persons living in Dwarka & or from those who are not living in Dwarka. This query from outsiders is somewhat understandable? But, for persons who are living in Dwarka & raise this query, my personal view about them is, either they are super-humans or they are not bothered at all, by these mundane things like chaos particularly in all the main markets-Sectors6/10 & sectors4/12, overflowing garbage dalaos/bins-some of these located on main roads, too, huge encroachment in public spaces, broken footpaths & potholed parking areas, inadequate parking spaces & utter chaos in their regulating, arbitrarily towing away of vehicles, poor garbage management to name a few, of the many problems.This malady of poor management of markets have now travelled to other shopping malls located in sectors 22-23 & many other markets in this sub-city & adjoining areas like Rampal Chowk!!

One really wonders, what all the Traders Welfare Associations of these markets are doing?! I am sure, their executive committee members must also be aggrieved about the worsening state of infrastructure & services in the markets under their jurisdiction. Because,I feel , all love to do their business in a clean & orderly environment. Have they made efforts to contact the concerned authorities in the municipal corporation, DDA ,traffic police for redressal of their grievances? Did they contact their elected representatives? If so,with what results?It is time, all the concerned stakeholders –TWAs,RWAs,s,schools/institutions representatives,senior citizen groups, operating NGOs like Dwarka Forum, SDKS, religious institutions, various women & youth-groups etc etc, in this subcity need to come together on permanent basis , regularly brainstorm to find out sustainable solutions to emerging myriad problems.

The concerned authorities on their side need to aggressively & actively seek co-opertion, suggestions & views of the said stakeholders to complement & supplement their efforts, energies & resources in making Better Dwarka. The task is huge but worth doing.

To have one window system of the concerned organizations/ departments of the local govt, a new post of Director[Community Relations] if created, will prove useful in the proper co-ordination of the inputs of the community.

What is required first of all, is the aptitude & the will to improve the state of affairs & as well check the worsening situation in law & order, basic services/infrastructure management, women safety, accident on roads etc & bring about HAPPY COMMUNITY LIVING.

If the timely steps are not taken , it is felt, then, this well- planned subcity resided by the educated & the sizable well off elite will go the way the other colonies have gone about ie chaotic inhabitation/living!!

Portals like dwarkaparichay.com ,Radio Dwarka & other local media groups can ,to my mind play significant roles in bringing about/monitoring positive changes.

Readers are welcome to send their views & how they will like to collaborate in this endeavour of bettering Dwarka , to Dwarka Parichay

Profile of Mr. Vijay K. Saluja
· Director Giraffe Heroes India Program
· Senior Fellow Institute of Social Sciences-New Delhi www.issin.org
· Ex Chief Engineer[civil] New Delhi Municipal Council
· Ex President, IIT Delhi Alumni Association 
· Red & White Bravery Awardee-2002
· Giraffe Hero-2004 www.giraffe.org
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