Tips for women for their self defence

Submitted by M.K.Gupta

*Avoid travelling in a relatively empty bus and don’t take deserted short cuts to your bus stand/ home. It is better to go by a longer but a busier and better lit road.

* If you are standing alone at a bus stop near a residence area & harassed, rush to the nearest well lit house to seek help.

* In the bus, if touched or harassed by some miscreant, raise alarm, ask the bus driver to take the bus to the nearest PCR van or police booth.

* In the bus, emphasise on getting the seat reserved for ladies.

*Take extra care of your belongings and person while boarding/ alighting a bus. Many cases of snatching and physical assault happen while boarding/ alighting a bus.

* Keep a mobile phone handy, if possible.

* Shout at the top of your voice if someone misbehaves with you in the bus/ bus stop.

* For immediate Police help, contact the nearest PCR van. 

* Stay vigilant and alert. If suspicious, raise an alarm.

* If stalked, change your direction. Head for a busy public place, a well lit house or the nearest police booth.

* While walking, always fact on-coming traffic to save yourself from being surprised.

*Avoid dark/ lonely and deserted places after dusk.

*Keep a mobile handy. If possible, Call 24 hours Police Control Room. Helpline at 100 or 1091

* If followed persistently, never go straight to your house. Go to a nearby friend’s or relatives house and call police helpline or approach any PCR Van.

* When driving alone in your car at night, make sure your car windows are rolled up.

* Don’t take short cuts along unlit or deserted roads/ parks/ buildings.

* Don’t respond to any lewd remarks of trouble makers, but seek public / police help in your vicinity.

* Avoid eye contact with strangers to avoid ‘Sammohan’.

* Never accept a lift in the vehicle of a stranger.

* Don’t allow entry of stranger/ visitor to your home when you are alone.

*Avoid using bus stop located in a dark & lonely area.

* If stalked, keep changing your bus/ bus stop/ route to reach your destination.

(Courtesy – Delhi Police : Safety guide for Women)