Together We Can Make a Difference Campaign by SVIS Dwarka

Pete Seeger rightly said – it can’t be reduced, refused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.

From the miniscule paper clip to the humungous trucks, rampant waste threatens to swallow the very soil we call home and bereaves of an environment dead, dry and devastatingly destroyed. Welcome to hell! That is what we have conceived in the 21st century and that is the filthy inheritance we promise to leave for posterity to clean up…. A legacy of a fragile environment cracked and bursting at the seams with undiluted filth!

I do not have all the answers, but I know some life saving strategies. The foremost being recycling!

“Together We Can Make a Difference Campaign – Be Waste Aware” our present as well as our future depends on it an initiative by Sri Venkateshwar International School under the project SEARCH. 

Project SEARCH is a school education program on sustainable consumption and active citizenship. Initiated by TERI and Tetra Pak, it aims to enable school students, teachers, communities and the society at large to adopt a life recycle approach to day to day living. The idea is to encourage young people to practice the 4Rs — refuse, reuse, reduce, and recycle — in their daily lives and make consumption choices that will ensure the sustainability of the planet in the years to come. 
Our young ambassadors of change under the guidance of our Principal Ms. Nita Arora dare to make a choice for change – a change for the better- a choice of participation of sustainable souls! Through their street play and presentation @Radisson Blu, Dwarka on Thursday, February 11, 2016 students emphasized the need of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ for creating a clean environment. Recycling is a simple way in which every person can contribute to make a better world which will surely reduce the amount of trash we throw out with other benefits, such as:- 

a. Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
b. Conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
c. Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
d. Saves energy
e. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
f. Helps sustain the environment for future generations.

Our efforts got a very encouraging response from the hotel staff and also appreciated by the celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi @ Radisson

(Report by Bhawna Sharma on behalf of SVIS Via email)