Tribute to LOUIS BRAILLE 200th Birthday Anniversary

Louis Braille was also blind, but he didn’t loose hope and made a history in the world. The history of his life is as follows-
He was born on January4, 1809. He became blind by an accident, when he was 3 yrs. Old deep in his Dad’s harness workshop, he tried to be like his Dad, but it went wrong. He grabbed an awl, a sharp tool for making holes, but unfortunately, the tool slipped & hurt his eyes. The wound was so infected that the infection spread into the other eye also & thus he became totally blind in both the eyes. In 1837, he added symbols for math & music. He began to spread worldwide in 1868. That’s all about his history.
His book has double sided pages. Physically challenged can communicate independently, without needing print. He proved that if you have the motivation, you can do incredible things. Braille is just another way to just read & write English. Braille codes are based on six dotes that fit under the fingertips. Many organizations, schools, agencies & individuals plan to celebrate his birth or rather honour him on his birthday.
He is an extraordinary personality who died in 1852. Although he was blind but he became famous on his own feet.

Sakshi, Class-IX
Mira Model School
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