UK Media was raving about Veena Malik

Nilofer Ansari 

Bollywood actress Veena Malik who is in London to be a part of art exhibition where She posed as a canvas for Finland-based artist Vesa Kivinen for some breathtaking body art. The artist explores artistic themes from the traditional as well as contemporary aesthetics. The artworks will be available for sale and and VESA Kivinen is also set to change the pricing strategies for art by doubling the price for each art work. 2 art works have already been sold in UK and Finland. Veena Malik who is never shy to bare is excited for the response from her fans “I hope my fans will appreciate the art and understand what Vesa’s vision was for this project”.
Veena was seen raving by the English Media and was quizzed asking her how she felt being in London the city that never sleeps, She said, “I always like to be in the places like London, Dubai and Mumbai and not only that I am also is acting in my upcoming movie The City That Never Sleeps which is produced by Satish Reddy movie which is based on Glamour, Fashion and the Night Life of the Cities.”