Update on group housing societies

I had/ have filed a number of RTI applications in RCS office and have received a lot of information in respect of ongoing battle of allotment of flats. I would like to inform you all that during the hearing of an appeal under RTI Act, Mr G.S. Meena, Joint RCS had once uttered me in the presence of a couple of Dwarkeates that, “you think that because of your saying, I shall put all my staff and resources in research work?” I had promptly replied him back that if you don’t do that I WILL make you to do the requisite research. I am proud that I have won and have got 100% information, I had sought for.

With respect to the advertisement of 48 societies, I have filed some other RTI applications with bitter questions. However, in response to one of my RTI application the RCS office has said,

“as per list of 41 societies which are not under investigation of CBI and 7 societies which are cleared by CBI, clearance of draw of lots is pending in these societies and the same is being processed by the department after receipt of proposal as per schedule VII of sub rule 1 of Rule 90 of DCS Rule 2007. After receipt of proposal the same will be examined under the provision of section 77 of the DCS Act, 2003 and if the enrollment/ resignation of members in the cooperative society are found proper as per provision of the DCS Act/ rules and bye laws of the society on the basis of verification of the documents, the same will be placed before a constituted committee under the provision of rule 90 of DCS Rule, 2007. After approval of the committee the names of the members of a society will be recommended to DDA for draw of lot. It is also stated that a number of societies are being investifated by the CBI due to various irregularities. The investigation is being monitored by Delhi High Court. The membership issue of these societies shall be taken up only after completion of investigation by CBI and order passed by Delhi High Court.”

One may just guage the things, that it’s nothing but a LOLLYPOP given by the government. The government is adament not to make the allotment for the reasons best known to them and ofcourse to all of us.

List of Societies pending for clearance of Draw of Lot which are not covered under CBI :

Name of Society Freeze Strength Violation Rule 24(2)
Jaypee 256 93
Saral 77 18
Friends Circle 90 5
Eligible 72 55
Great Lyallpur 75 28
White Rose 61 59
Veg Sanchar 68 28
Nav Nirman
The Khattar 100 74
Kesharwani 94 12
Delhi Transporters 180 80
Ashok Enclave 165 28
IIT Engineers 74 17
Rama Krishna 134 79
Enterpreneurs 165 40
Gold Craft 235 03
Manisha 60 16
Sanchar Vihar 115 63
Delhi Appartmets 120 84
DDA Engineers 165 57
Swarup Sadan 55 31
Udyog Vihar 157 44
Gabdhi Ashram 90 22
Kunj Vihar 209 130
Sapna Ghar 123 65
Vishwas Nagar 60 14
Sant Sundar Dassji 107 39
Seth Vihar 126 60
Bhagwan Budha 94 9
Pragya Cool 158 50
Jawaharlal 112 48
Management Alumini 105 10
Surangani 112 28
Swami Dayanand 126 37
True Friends 120 86
Young Star 75 34
A.G. Brothers 60 51
Chopra 135 12
Bharat Petrolium 75 75

List of Societies pending for clearance of Draw of lot which are cleared by CBI during the Investigation:

Consulting Engineers
Jhelum Aruvansh
Roop Villa

Ashok Chaitanya
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In my opinion
Option 1: Now that this case has stretched so far, unless these people find someone to place the guilt upon, they cannot technically back out. Afterall someone did not folow rules. We middle class people lack the agressiveness of slum dwellers et all.
Option 2: If some how the politician get a message that if they dont work for dwarka cause they will not get the votes only then they will do something.
I simply cannot think any other option
Dear Mr. Rohit Jain,

It is a wonderful suggestion. But who among the members of Managing Committees of the existing societies wants transparency in their working? They are not rady even to tell the residents what they are going to discuss in the monthly meeting and what was the outcome?
I wrote by name to LG of Delhi that sixty to seventy per cent members have taken flats for financial gains and not for residential purposes. Please intervene so
that the lower middle class people can have affordable houses which was the purpose of this Cooperative Group Housing Scheme to give them land at subsidised rates.I
gave concrete example of some societies where Presidents/Secretaries have got five-six Benami flats with them. So far no action has been taken by LG and
Dwarka Federation is responsible for this mess and this is known to CBI, RCS and Central Vigilance Commission. Let us see the outcome. Things have not gone out of control, though the concerned agencies are taking time. I am an optimist.
Prof. Goyal
I think Ashokji the process of Contempt agaisnt RCS officils must continue and BOOK THEM FOR ONCE FOR ALL. These officials are habitual of playing (TENNIS GAME ) putting blame on others for not doing their own obligations.
Keep the spirit and lets BOOK them(RCS Officials).. thousands of flat owners rights were denied/delayed and we don’t give up. I hope other members also support this..(comments pls)
regards, Rejimon
I very strongly believe that these are heavy polictical gimmics.First of all the process of draw of lots is not made clear to any of the societies.It is just said that the documents to be submitted as per DCS rules 2007.There are so many hurdles.

Can anybody update the experience with RCS after having met with RCS guys. I think some socities are given 8th Feb-08 for meeting them
Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services
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