Veena Malik and Ravi Alhawat Visited Mahim Dargah to seek blessing for movie “Supermodel”

Abhishek Dubey

Mahim Dargah is Mumbai’s oldest Dargah. The Mahim Dargah or Mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah of Gujarat in 1431 at the burial site of Makhtum Fakir Ali Paru, a Sufi saint who was the Qazi of Mahim. Also known as Makhdoom Ali Mahimi, he was born in an Arab family which settled in Mahim. The beautiful actress Veena Malik and producer Ravi Ahlawat recently visited Mahim Dargah to offer prayers for success of her upcoming movie “Supermodel” which is going to release on 27th September. Supermodel Movie is based on the story of Fashion World which reveals truth of Models life. Veena plays the role of a middle class girl who reaches superstardom. She is looking gorgeous in pink Suit and Salwar.

Veena Malik with Ravi Ahlawat at Mahim Dargah

Veena Malik said, “I am very happy to visit Mahim Dargah which is one of the oldest Dargah in Mumbai and I get a chance to offer prayer. I am very religious person and I seek blessing for my movie Supermodel. I am very excited about my Film Supermodel and Prayed for its success. Veena Malik seems to be in a enormous mood as he chatted and mingled with other devotees.

Producer Ravi Ahlawat Said, “It’s a great pleasure to come with beautiful actress veena malik to seek the blessing of Mahim Dargah and offered prayer for the success of my upcoming movie Supermodel which is going to hit the theater on 27th September.”