We salute our brave hearts

On 27 th November, Mumbai, in terrorist attack
15 policemen and two NSG commandos were killed,
including the following officers:
We salute our brave hearts
Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief: Hemant Karkare ==>>
Additional Commissioner of Police: Ashok Kamte
Encounter specialist: Vijay Salaskar
Senior inspector: Shashank Shinde
NSG Commando: Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
NSG Commando: Gajendra Singh

An Olympic shooter wins Gold (Only a game) & Government gives him 3 Crores
Another Shooter dies, fighting with terrorists (Saving our country and our live) & government pays his family 5 lakhs. Really shameful !!!!!!!!!!! – Biju Nair

This will happen again and again and again and again. This Government or the next government or the next would not be able to stop it. We will be massacred like chicken for another hundred years to come. We will also hear standard statements from our leaders which are as follows: This is a dastardly actWe strongly condemn such attacksWe will protect our citizensWe will take strong action and will bring culprits to book
There will be numerous talk shows with congress and BJP spokesmen in the TVs shouting at each other and blaming each other. TVs will rake in millions. Barkha Datt and Arnab Goswami will put words in the mouth of eager politicians and gag the voices of common men and experts. They will play big political games. We will continue to write in Forums like this and forget about the whole episode in one week. This is the fate of India and Indians. Because we are spineless. We do not have the courage to accept our faults and always blame a million other things. We dot have the commitment towards anything (like the commitment of a terrorist albeit it is placed wrongly). We salute only the politicians and not the heroes. Unless we realise our responsibilities and ACT, we can never succeed. We have been seeing in this forum the Police refusing to register a FIR for a month now for a stolen motorcycle. Will hundred residents in Dwarka come together to the Police Station and take the staff to task? I am willing to lead. Are there takers? Let us start a movement to sanitise this town and this colony to begin with. Let us stop writing our feelings here and act. How amny are willing to join me?I am waiting to hear.
Ramnath Kumar

After Mumbai terror attacks it is sure Govt. efforts and willingness(?) is not enough to cure this disease(terrorism). Country have to think fresh, but I m not sure what should be done? Is this the right time to protest Govt? for 1) don’t blame pakistan for terror attacks? and wait for next attack to repeat their readymade statements 2) constitute a union body to prevent attacks, investigate them without any prejudice and take strict actions against any type of terrorism. (I am reading in newspapers that Govt. is already contemplating this then what should be our role?? ) 3) make a special task force (apart form police, navy and army commandos) – which is totally dedicated n responsible for 4) most importantly govt. hasn’t willingness to fight against terrorism. So how a political willingness can be brought?… who knows other parties will do that or not once they come into force? or we should urge people to come forward and we jointly put our pressure on our government that they start jointly strict action against the terrorists and save our country ? or … what can be done… ??? Or Instead of other non-important cess, are we ready to pay for a new cess to equip our forces to curb this menace, if Govt does not have the requisite funds (part from willingness) for that?? Sunil Sareen

We can brainstorm all kinds of ideas and write a thousand letters to people who are supposed to be coming up with a plan for this but I guarantee you nothing at all will get implemented until a tragedy actually takes place. And then too, it would be a knee jerk thing and soon the politicians will take advantage of people’s short term memories and everyone will move on. Life is cheap, very cheap. terrorism is extremely hard to tackle as this has to do with an ideology and it is extremely hard to fight such an intangible thing of which killing and bombings are just manifestations. I think one way to tackle this problem is also treat every member of society on equal levels and not leave the feeling in any one community’s hearts that they have been marginalized or been given a raw deal. I know, I know that even if someone has been wronged there are other ways of dealing with anger then picking up an AK 47 and shooting at random, but not everyone specially those schooled in fundamentalist ideologies have that ability to deal with their anger/frustrations/perceived injustice in a rational manner and until we as a society mature where all members are, we need to make sure the overwhelming majority of people of this nation do not feel like ‘outsiders’ or marginalized. For example People who orchestrate riots or communal violence based on faith or parochial lines etc. should be dealt with swiftly. Jhonson

This kind of terrorism has nothing to do with equal treatment ofcommunities. The persons targeted by the terrorists were not based onparticular religion or region. The barbaric nature of crime by’remorseless’ terrorists were carried out primarily to instill fear inthe city to send a message that the country is not safe. The way thesepeople were able to hold their own for good 60+ hours means that theyhad been subject to special training.
It cannot have happened without support from Pakistan (read ISI). Howcan one receive such training? This kind of training is extremelyspecialized and is not available.
What is to be seen is government’s reaction and steps for preventionof such attacks. We need to have
1. Police reforms something that is pending since independence.2. A federal agency to fight such crime and for intelligence sharingbetween states and central agencies.3. Commandoes available at key cities to ensure timely action against them4. A policy of Zero tollerance for terrorism. We should have a policysimilar to Hot Pursuit of US. A terrorist committing crime againstIndians will be killed wherever he is under the sun.5. Strong Judiciary and fast track courts that ensures cases are heardand decisions given expeditously.6. Strong intelligence gathering agencies: Currently RAW and IB seemsquite weak.7. All borders with neighbouring countries should be sealed. Cantunderstand why the Bangladesh border is open and frequently used byterrorists. There are bangladeshi colonies in cities like Jaipur withno action taking place. Forget West Bengal where there are largenumber of Bangladeshi population. While Bangladesh is an example, thisequally applies to other countries like Nepal, Pakistan etc.
Indeed such kind of attack is primarily a failure of intelligence andthereby Home Ministry.
Without all this, everything else is about politics. Naveen Prakash

Matters relating to Terrorismshould not be treated as a Law and Order Problem and left to the StateGovernment to act upon. It should be a Central subject and broughtunder the Federal Agency proposed to be set up by the CentralGovernment. This body can report to the Chief Justice of India, ifthe politicians are afraid of using it as a weapon to settle politicalscores. Such a body can work fearlessly and sure to have positiveimpact.
Many of my friends are blaming politicians for all the ills. But I donot think all politicians are bad characters. I have no doubt aboutthe integrity of Man Mohan Singh, A.B. Vajpayee, Sonia Gandhi, PrakashKarat etc. They are all patriotic. Even Shiv Raj Patil may not be abad person. Even if we do not like politicians, in a democracy, wecan not ignore politicians because they frame the policy, rule thecountry and taking all important decisions about the people and thecountry. Please do not forget, the decision to sent NSG cammandos toMumbai was also a political decision.
Many are argueing for hot pursuit against Pakistan. Even the presentGovernment of Pakistan is unable to control ISI, their Military andthe terrorists operating in Pakistan. The fact may be it is theterrorists of Pakistan origin who are attacking us and most probablynot the Pakistan government who are facing similar problem at Karachi,Islamabad and Afghan border.

Some news channels are portraying the outcome of the terror attack on Mumbai as the defeat of the terrorism and victory of India. Only ten terrorists have shot dead our NSG Commando Major Unnikrishnan, three other top officers of security agencies, killed about 200 including some top brass of big corporate world and injured nearly 300 innocents. Terrorists were able to carry out major destruction at the 125 years of building of Taj hotel having heritage value apart from playing the same game at Oberoi and Trident Hotels. No one has walked out alive from the Taj. And they have carried out their designs for about 50 hours in the face of over 200 NSG Commandos struggling to control them. It seems that our forces were able to shot them dead only while they ran out their ammunition.
Let us introspect and ask that it is really the defeat of Terrorism and victory of India or the case is vice versa and ensure that such a tragedy never repeats in future.
Let us be fair. Congress blames the previous NDA government on its failure on the Kandhahar front but let us remember that at that time, the terrorists were carrying out their designs outside India, in their own country which was at that time being ruled by our hostile ‘Talibanies’. While this government is not able to stop such a large-scale destruction in the country, is it fair to blame previous government for its failure on Kandhahar issue? At that juncture, if my memory has not run out, Congress never demanded confrontation with terrorists in Kandhahar at the cost of lives of about 300 Indian held hostage by the militants in Afghanistan.
M. K. Gupta

This morning most of u wake up with horror news of Mumbai terror atack.Why in our country ? Every month/week its occurs?Are we too responsible for this? YES in my opinion by giving free handto our politicians on policies that helps the corrupt and terrorists.Ruling or Opposition Parties whether in centre ,or any state ormunipal or panchayat are most IRRESPONSIBLE for these atcks. Why after11 Sept NO attacks in US; ofcourse no gurantee there wont!Our people cry on POTA ; MOCA etc and its misuse.. My question whichlaw not misused in this country by corrupt.An anti terror law may misused against few and used against a goodnumber of terrorist and their supporters. If used it saves more lifethan it is withheld on filmsy ground.Such law shud adopted and used against corruption.When I see images like Mumbai and what happend in Delhi and otherplaces boil my blood. I wish and reqest my govt give me and othercitizen training for commando , so that die for this country. I wouldleave my present job and work for my nation in official job for aminimum compensation.While the videos played i found our policemen still use 303 rifleagainst automatic, ofcourse 303 is good one as I used it in NCC days.Our leaders have securuty with automaic and all logistic system inplace not for common man and those protecting them are send to riskwithout system.There is total failure on our IB and other agencies wasting unaccounted fund.How we convey our gratitude to those souls departed fightingterrorists? Like MC Sharma and now Mumbai ATS chief and others..
in my opinion show our strength by voting? Against terrorist andpoliticial system that helps corrupt and terrorist.
THE QUESTION Comes WHO LET IN THE TERRORIST s??? Why blame.. for each everything for Pakistan…Don’t our Peons/ Babus.. who give.. forged ID Cards Ration cards , which helps to issue SIM cards or other facilites.. are also responsible..and hirearchy wise.. upto Minister who protect this CHAIN.. is TERRORIST?? Those who TAKE BRIBE whether in CASH or KIND is responsible.. ERRADICATE>> CORRUPTION>>>TERRORISM WILL DIE ITS NATURAL DEATH..

JAI HIND May we all help our country to peacfull one and ensuresafety and security.Correct me if i am wrong in any statement. Appreciate response fromall INDIAN’s. Rejimon

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