Work is Worship for me

He is a script- writer who wrote almost 1500 ad films. His work has been telecasted on different TV Channels. SAMSARA – Hollywood Film (screenplay/ story board) ICY-n-SPICY — First Indian 3d animation feature film (script, screenplay, dialogues) WORLD TALES – A film by john smith USA as Cartoonist draw many illustrations and Comic Series for Lotpot (Motoo Patloo) from 28 years and for around 50 Other Publications. He has many jingles & Lyrics for feature film & AD to his credits. He is none other than Mr. Harvinder Mankkar who recently spoke to Managing Editor of Dwarka Parichay S.S.Dogra and he shared his entire life story. Excerpts:

Harvinder Mankkar

When you came into this profession?

Since childhood, when my friends were busy in playing other sports, I used to draw lines on walls with coal. As result of it and regular practice, these lines started taking meaningful shape. This was the turning point of my life who inspired me to shape a cartoon. My first cartoon was published in the year 1982. Since then I have not looked back. I have been making cartoons of mootu patloo for the last 32 years with popular magazine Lotpot and 22,000 book illustrations for many leading publications in India. I have started script writing since 1986, for TV serials, daily/anchoring shows etc. it’s continued till date.

Who is the inspirational force behind your success story?
I always love a person who remains happy all the times. Actually, this world is full of sorrow that’s why with the help of my cartoons, stories, songs, comedy serials I keep trying to bring happiness and this is my main mission. The famous Punjabi Artist/Singer Gurdas Mann is the Inspirational force behind my success story. His songs, regular meetings and several shows gave me energy. If you see any sufiana in shayari the credit goes to Mann Saheb only.

Have you faced any hurdle during your professional life?
With the grace of God, I am really lucky to find positive people wherever I work. When I was working with Hollywood movie-Samsara, there Pen Naalin inspired me how to work in the film, what is the meaning of dedication, what is the direction and what is the meaning of Script writing. Thereafter, I worked with him in World Tales movie. My animation serial was telecasted for six years in Singapore. I get lot of appreciation from audience and that’s my real earning.

You have a versatile talent of making cartoons, script writing and direction. How do you manage it all these together?
If a person is a firm believer and have a capacity of changing his dreams into reality then he can do wonder in his life. Work is Worship for me. Making cartoons, script writing and direction comes before me as challenges, I always take them as new challenge and start doing its best. Set your target, with clean heart, never expect from others, take first step towards your mission, slowly-slowly you’ll be able to get support from good people and one day you’ll get proper recognition in your specific field.

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now, I am working on a real talent hunt show called Golden Brick Caliber India-2012. With the support of this talent hunt show, we’ll be able to showcase some of the talented children/youth live on TV. Apart from this, I busy in a script of Sarparast-a Hindi movie and Decode-7 a Hollywood movie.