Workshop for Teenagers, Parents & Teachers by URIVI

Dwarkaites have the golden opportunity to attend the workshop that can Empower & Blossom, Save you from Stress & Anxiety, able to Know better Career Options, and Build better family relations. These all things are possible but you have to attend the workshop and talk show during the month of August at PSP-I, HAF-I, Sector-22, Dwarka.
This is really a unique concept that is quite popular also among those who are really serious about their wards and want to shape their children a better and responsible citizen.
The teenagers, parents, teachers can Avail Counseling / Career Guidance Sessions and Undergo standard tests such as Personality Adjustment (Bells),Study Habits (SHI) ,Parent- Child Relationship (PCRS) ,Problem Solving (PSA),Academic Anxiety (AASc) besides 20 other tests.

S.No —— Work shop Title
1 Time Management and Interpersonal relationship Adolescents
2 Study habits and techniques to improve memory
3 Communication Skills & Building a Positive Personality
4 Handling emotions of children and coping with high risk behavior
5 Anger Management and coping with Academic Stress Adolescents 6th
6 Intergenerational Harmony Parents / Teachers 8th
7 Know your growing child and help them to choose the right career
8 Confidence building and public speaking Adolescents 7th
9 Self Grooming and how to be a leader Adolescents 3rd
10 Reproductive child health and personal hygiene Adolescents & Parents 10th

For Registration, please contact
ph: 42807900 / 02, 28052798 (10am-5 pm)
Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services