ANHLGT is meeting with civic agencies to make sector 23 a model sector of Dwarka sub-city

ANHLGT with active members of the society of sector 23 met to make Dwarka a model sub-city.  They discussed about the problems of the area and try to solve it by contacting the concerned departments like D.D.A , Horticulture, Electricity etc.

Mr Anil Upadhaya President Shaman Apartment hosted last meeting. Ms Cicily Kodiyan, President ANHLGT told Dwarka Parichay “social solidarity and community responsibility can do wonders instead of just complaining and blaming. Our aim is to be united and work together to achieve the solution.”

On this occasion members were distributed the works like:
· Horticulture, Cleaning, Sweeping, of the roads etc., will be looked after by Mr. Anil Upadhaya, Mrs. Mini George, Mr. Vinod Sharma
· Re-carpeting , landscape repair of the foot path & service lane etc will be looked after by Dr Devender Kaushk, Mr Halder.
· Jal Board – Mr Langer, Mr Kapoor and Mr Kher
· Market cleaning & Parking – Dr. Devender Kaushik , Mr Halder
· Electricity – Mr Langer, Mr Naveen Sood , Dr Kaushik.

· Parking of cars, scooters , roadside vendors, cycle rickshaws etc. should not be in front of the societies and should not block the pedestrians. This will be looked after by Mr Halder & Mr Kher.