Black Belt for Karate Champs

Professor Rinshai Rethnum-6 Dan(degree) Black Belt from Chennai will honour D.S.K.C.’s students with black belt. Even the chief coach of D.S.K.C. will receive the prestigious 3 Dan(degree) Black Belt along with him, ten students will get black belt on 12th July, 2009 at Dwarka Health Club Sector.7, Dwarka. Even an advance weapon training in Martial Arts will be the major attraction of the camp. . Even a demonostration session will be organised Professor Rethnum for the the girl students and ladies staff of different institutions besides female employees from several organizations in the said programme.

The Training course will be conducted by Mr.Rinshi Rethnum(from Chennai) 6 degree, Okenivea, Japan. Ph.D in Karate with Mr.S.K.Yadav & his Team members.

“Presently Dwarka Shotokan Karate Club-affiliated with S.K.I.F., Japan that has 72 KarateTraining Centres all over the world. DSKC is one of them & produced around 50 national players from Dwarka, within a short span of seven and half years only. There is no age and sex bar to learn Martial Arts. Even the physically challenged individual can do it because it is not just kicking and punching, it’s an art of self defence. With the help of it, a person can gain self-defense and character development in one’s life. Karate is very important part of human life.” Says Mr.S.K.Yadav-Chief Karate Coach DSKC.

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