Nitin Gadhkari Anti Defamation Case on Arvind Kejriwal : Poll Khol.

 Rakesh Manchanda

Thanks to the rigid stand of Nitin Gadkari aggressive suit on Arvind Kejriwal. Nitin Gadhkari anti defamation case on Arvind Kejriwal opens several bleeding hidden links in Corrupt Systems.

Mr Gadkari had a past conventional reputation of being a state public works minister who completed numerous flyovers in Mumbai & Mumbai-Pune expressway in record time. No minister thereafter has ever matched this speed finish record of his. Indeed, he had a technocrat style of running a Govt dept.

The Purti group expose of Nitin Gadhkari shows two things.
That Politicians are clever and can easily finish work faster and before time.
Conventional leaders all need dirty unfair oxygen called Corruption for self survival at the cost of rest 99%Indians.

Why Double standards of work culture in India ?
Lal Krishna Advani in media had argued that laissez faire Nitin Gadkari is about “standards of business” and not corruption. This is in fact the challenge of the Indian Work Culture: that the standards of business are horribly different for one set of people. Whether or not the charges against Mr. Gadkari are ever proved in a court of law, what has already been proved is the ability of the power elite to lubricate the wheels of industrial delivery to the exclusion of workers but handful of Investors.

What was the business intention of Nitin Gadkari ?
The real game of `change` or `no change` with porous laws and weak regulatory teams is played at the sites of work production where the Corporates instead of Politicians or Nagar Sevaks are the REAL real masters.

Exposure-Pol Khol of Nitin Gadkari companies at the site with false Pan Cards show how the persons with no means like pundit ji /astrologer,guards, drivers are made Directors for maximization of profit.

This is a shame of Government`s Governance as a stakeholder or as weak regulator.

In Industrial system if the owner of 24 odd companies is Nitin Gadkari he wants to hide himself on papers and runs the business via dummy directors who are a part of his match fixing design then democracy cannot function for long. This Nitin Gadkari Modus Operandi and forceful exposure under pressure is the true face of Business code of conduct in India.

How can a system in India allow one person to manipulate Directors in 24 companies ?
This is a reality check on the system nursed nationally by BJP for five years and Congress for 60 years with no improvements but match fixing as and when required in the broken system.

Politicians, investors and corporate has reduced the largest democracy called India to a laughing stock for the world. Good advocacy and road map to end work discrimination in India is not possible without a code of conduct of all stakeholders from top to the bottom. This route cannot work without connectivity of the whole system and overall reforms in shape of a work culture revolution.

The story is not limited to few business and Investors with no code of conduct monitored by `honest` regulatory system but it tells as to how the system favours few.

Code of conduct of system in Delhi rape case on 16th.December- 2012 exposes the role of transport owners and school authorities who keep footloose migrants without proper check up. The unauthorised bus with tinted glass and curtains keeps violation Supreme Court directive and runs shamelessly on Delhi road.

There is no social audit and transparency for Public while hundreds of dummy companies get floated say as in case of Nitin Gadkari- President-BJP. When a `dummy director` say a driver is shown in a company there is allowance for transport/car/mobile etc but because of greed this is how companies in India and overseas are run.

“I feed you so be loyal to me” tag in absence of a contract or a fair agreement would be a constant reminder of the worker servitude and undermine their self-esteem. All this is deliberately done by keeping employees unsecured and their loyalty is purchased cheap payment. With no contract and no written agreements at times workers do not know they are shown as `Directors` in the company.

There it will be unfair to call the Nitin Gadhari scam as Political scam because it is controlled by business mindset of India where twisting of laws and no contract to most of the employees has been evident and the employees in the business team are reduced to dirt.

Result ? The gap between the handful of corporate owners and rest is increasing dangerously with system helpless to control it. It shall shock you to learn that income of Wheat and Rice Farmers & labor in India with 700m Population is just half of Tatas and Ambanis .

Families each. To stop `rapes` in Delhi and other cities there needs to be clear goal post of minimum wages as the migrant workers cannot bring their families in Delhi slums from their distant villages.
Indian media today should gather some courage to highlight this fact.

This is just a tip of an iceberg.Buck should not stop as a football-Pol Khol match between Bjp and Congress with AAP as a referee.

About author
: Has worked in India and several countries as Director Executive and now is full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.