Celebration of Dash Lakshan Parv in Dwarka

Jain Samaj Dwarka ( Regd,) is celebrating Dash Lakshan parv, it’s fifth edition in Dwarka. According to Sh. Suresh Chand Jain ( Advisor – Jain Samaj) the idol of 1008 SAhri Shantinath brough from Palam to Community Hall, Eligible Group Housing Society, Sector-10, Dwarka. The celebration includes forgiveness, worship, preachings and cultural programmes. The executive members of Jain Samaj Sh. Sanjay Jain, Sh. Prakash Chand Jain, Sh. Vimal Prasad Jain, Sh. Sat Prakash Jain, Sh. Dinesh Jain, Sh. Roshan Lal Jain, Sh. M.K. Jain, Sh. R.K. Jain, Sh. Anil Jain, Dr. Prashanshu Jain, Smt. Monika Jainare gracing the occasion.
Thousands of devotees regularly visiting the venue. Jain Samaj Dwarka(Regd.) is trying its hard to find suitable place for Jain Temple in the sub-city Dwarka. The Das Lakshan Parv will continue upto 26 th of September. Jain Samaj Dwarka has special transport arrangement for the devotees to attend it.