CONGRATULATIONS CBSE toppers – Delhi International School, Sector-23


I have always seen everyone appreciating the results, which is achieved highest compared to others. But to my surprise, I feel happy if I am able to score more than my prior result. Result is the outcome of your effort. What effort you made for an exam, it cannot be compared to someone else’s effort. There are lots of attributes contributing to ones result. Some of the attributes to influence the result of a student can be Knowledge, understanding, intelligence, diligence, attitude, relations, peer group and unlimited distractions. These influencers play a vital role and impact the results of the child. During the rat race of these scores, we forget the self reflection. Do I have the ability to achieve the target which everyone is dreaming for me in my family? I don’t say settle for less in life but be realistic with what can be achieved. Why do we go to a counselor, so that they can guide us, as per our strengths and weakness. I have a very strong recommendation, keep competing with yourself. Comparison with others is an uncontrolled competition, which have multiple influencers. Self comparison is easy, acceptable, achievable, less stressful and realistic. Stress is between the mind and matter. If you don’t mind things, it doesn’t matter.

Dr Priti Ojha
Principal, Delhi International School