Crying Delhi

An Open Letter to dear Commissioners/Mayors of three MCDs ,Chairman-NDMC & Honble LG-Delhi.

Sirs/ Madams,
We all know, more than 16 millions people are now living in Delhi. the number is increasing everyday. In addition,to this ,there is floating population too- people who come everyday/ for a few days to Delhi for business/ work/tourism etc & go back to their places of residence.

All of you are BLESSED , LUCKY & PRIVILEGED to be in the key position of the administration/governance of the capital of India.All the people of Delhi look up to you for their everyday civic facilities , better law & order & many many other things which a well governed city like any others of the world offer. Are they getting it?The answer is big NO!!

Why it is so? The answer is lack of commitment,passion & special skills,which the elected representatives, various officers/officials of the various concerned organisations/departments need to have?!!

What are those special skills? These to my mind are EMPATHY, INTEGRITY, PASSION to deliver,Ears to hear the complaints,Eyes to see everyday what is wrong at various places in the city & then dedication to give service before self. Are they doing it, the way,it needs to be done. Are you overseeing it everyday & setting the rudder?Pl ask your self.—

I will give one simple example to clarify,what I am driving at, though,I can give hundreds of these.

Over the last few years, shopping malls have been constructed in various newly developed colonies & old colonies too

Visit any day in these malls.It is FREE for ALL,over there!! There is no semblance of any order what to talk of management /governance!? there is encroachment of public spaces in every possible ways,inside the mall,outside the malls & in the vicinity of the malls?!

The toilets STINK. most of the appurtenances therein are in really bad shape.The spaces allotted/designed for green spaces & are either full with refuse or empty /discarded cartons, broken pieces of various articles & what not. There are dogs all over in various state of activity-eating,running,sleeping at times fighting with each other.Poor shoppers trying their best to get away from all these?

Is this management? What is Traders Welfare Associations doing? What is the assigned staff of the civic bodies doing?


Pl give it a thought.

Vijay K. SalujaDirector
Giraffe Heroes India
Former Chief Engineer[civil engineering]
New Delhi Municipal Council