Delhi Police Assaults Social Workers

A group of social workers took along the Tehsildaar (Dwarka) to the site of illegal water extraction in Dwarka Sector 23. We were a group of about 20 people. As we were carrying out the inspection of illegal borewells, 3-4 people sat down in a corner as they were quite tired of roaming around the entire day. Sub Inspector Sanjay Tyagi from Dwarka Sector 23 Police Station came in his Private Silver Alto car and took away a boy named Gaurav of Village Pochanpur, Sector 23 Dwarka who was sitting on a side about 200 meters away from us.

Later we realised this and the Tehsildar rang up the SI to enquire about the arrest. The Tehsildaar was told that arrest has been made in relation to an incident the day before in Village Pochanpur where someone had thrown a stone at a constable. So the Tehsildar didn’t interfere as the matter was beyond his jurisdiction.

Now, a group of 10 – 15 people went to police station to enquire the legality of the arrest without an arrest warrant, without informing the family of the person arrested, and that too in a private vehicle. We were first told to wait outside. After some time, the SHO Ram Kishan Yadav came out and asked us to move out. When we asked the reason of us not being allowed to be present at a public place, he simply said that he is not there to distribute us information. He again shouted at us to move out. We didn’t. When we asked him about the way in which arrest was made, he said Court me jaake baat karna, hum aapko court me milenge. He started going out in his car and in the meantime he asked his staff to make us move out.

One SI came out and hurled abuses at us and asked us to move out. He also snatched the mobile phone of one of the boy who was recording the entire incident. Then he grabbed Shri Diwan (Social Activist who was assaulted few days back by the same SHO for being out on road at around 10PM) and started pushing him out and hurling abuses so bad that I can not even write them here. He threatened us of dire consequences if we stayed there or came back again.

It is also worth mentioning that SHO Ram Kishan Yadav had abused residents of Village Pochanpur a day before when the entire incident of policeman getting hurt took place. I am reproducing few of his dialogues he used publicly for residents of Pochanpur specially women. Tum sabki maa-behan ek kar dunga. Aur tumhari aurton ko to nanga karke marunga yahin gaon me. Saale behanch** bante hain apne aap ko…. Can’t write more than this!

If this is Delhi Police then I don’t think we need to waste public money for giving them salary. Police is for protection but they are beating us, abusing us, threatening us! Sorry. We don’t need such police. We can be happy with criminals. We will be far more safe under the protection of criminals. This demands a through inquiry and punishment against the guilty.

Shobhit Chauhan
Ek Sangharsh (Regd NGO)