First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite In Mumbai

Nilofer Ansari

The Sexiest Babe of the year the First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite is in the Town to raise the temperature. Shanti Dynamite who had ruled the UK with her beautiful insane, curve body, sensuous deviants, erotic beauty and she was seen flaunting her flamboyant body on Red Light Central. She makes people go crazy through her hilarious Tricks on the show and she is here to make in Mumbai. Here is the Shanti Dynamite Exclusive Interview:

What brings you to India?
I always wanted to come as my grassroots are based in India I am also very excited about Bollywood and the culture of India As u know I am a punjabi and greek I was born to a Punjabi mom who hailed from Jalandhar and grew up while going to the Gurudwara’s and eating Indian dishes and salwar kameez l want to visit the temples, Gurudwara’s and the lovely architecture of Jaipur, Agra and other places. .

Do you have Bollywood aspirations? If yes, why?
Yes, I have heard lot about Bollywood and I feel like I am part of it People in uk are crazy about Bollywood and I would definitely want to do a Bollywood film. I like Indian films and songs and love the dance sequences . If someone offers me a good script, I would love to work in a Bollywood film. I’d love to work with Salman Khan … the dabangg khan.

Are you trying to follow the footsteps of Canadian porn star Sunny Leone who’s already made a mark in Bollywood?
No, I am not following any bodies footsteps. I have come to india specially to take a stand and let the people know who the original is. I have heard Actress Sunny Leone had copied my looks in her upcoming movie ragini mms 2 in the song baby doll I have came to India to watch the movie and meet Ekta Kapoor.

Reportedly, your look was copied on a poster of Ragini MMS featuring Sunny Leone. What’s your take on this?
It was a surprise for me and I could not imagine that something like this would happen Bollywood industry has lot of creative and talented people and this entire thing makes me upset. People are fake and use concept of others to gain popularity.

Do you stand a chance as far as Bollywood films are concerned?
Yes I can make a stand in terms of Bollywood is concerned I am an actress and can do better than anybody. I have great look and perfect body for Bollywood. A director had even started using my name with their project. I have read a story that I am working with some director but it is all fake and there is no reality in it. I have just spoken to that person nothing has finalized and he even announced a movie with me. This is really upsetting for me that’s why I am here clear all the stands about myself.

Have you got any film offers so far other than the one you are doing with Raj Babbar?
No, I am not doing any film with anybody. It’s all a cooked up stories I have not signed a single movie. Since I was in UK so was not finalizing any project but now I am in India so will sign the movie with the right script. I am come here to prove myself and let the people know that I am the original playboy girl.

What happened to your career as a porn star?
First of all I am not a porn star i am the official Playboy girl Playboy has different brands such as Playboy’s College Girls, Playboy’s Book of Lingerie, as well as the Playboy video collection. Playboy also introduced, a complete, uncensored live TV. I represent Playboy TV UK where I do a live adult chat show.

What do you think of Sheryln Chopra who claimed to have shot for Playboy?
Sherlyn Chopra is the lady who has claimed to become the first Indian to be a Playboy Girl without any connections towards it. but in reality she is not part of any brand, she has used it to gain popularity and in reality I am the first Indian playboy girl

Are you working for Playboy, UK? Please give details if so.
Yes I am working with Playboy TV UK. I represent Playboy TV UK where I do a live adult chat show. I have got lots of fan following from UK, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and U.S.

Do you run a production house in India? Please give details if so.
I do not run any production house in India. I have satish reddy whose celebrity management agency is managing my work. They take care of everything of mine.