Humsafar, the fuel delivery start-up introduces ‘Safar Smart Tank’ a diesel delivery solution for msll bulk consumers

Humsafar India, a Delhi headquartered start-up, has introduced static and mobile smart automated fuel storage dispensers for non-retailing bulk consuming industries and institutes for the first time in the country.

The ‘SAFAR Smart Tank’ a diesel delivery solution equipped with automation and remote connectivity has been developed for the benefit of small housing societies, malls, hospitals, banks, construction sites, heavy stationary equipment, farmers, mobile towers, education institutes along with other small industries.

“Our range of these smart fuel dispensing tanks in various capacities are designed for non-retail applications, whereby the fuel being used is for that company’s own, private use. For example, a haulage company or a farmer should have a fuel storage tank on-site for refuelling their farming equipment or tractor as and when they need to. This is both convenient and cost-effective as they can buy diesel in bulk.’ said Ms Sanya Goel, Founder Director of Humsafar India.

“The Safar smart tanks are available in the capacity of One and Two kiloliters as well as 500 ltrs. These tanks will provide ready backup and safe storage to the end-users.” Said Ms Goel.

“The smart static and mobile Safar tanks are PESO approved with sturdy locking systems in place. It provides full control to the bulk diesel fuel end-user with zero pilferage which will help in planning fuel consumption. As doorstep diesel delivery is approved by the government, adding SAFAR Tank to the arsenal can help ensure diesel stock for emergencies.” said, Mr Goel.

“These smart storage tanks will hugely benefit the agricultural sector, hospitals, housing societies, heavy machinery facilities, mobile towers and so on. Earlier, the bulk consumers of Diesel had to procure it from retail outlets in barrels which used to cause a lot of spillages and dead mileage in energy procurement. Efficient energy distribution infrastructure was lacking. These smart fuel dispensers will solve many such problems and will provide Diesel to bulk consumers in a legal manner.” Said Mr Goel. 

Safar Static Tanks are truly the new revolution in energy storage, as it is a product that caters to and benefits the end consumer entirely.