Sudha Iyer

Well it took me 4 hours to reach Dwarka from NODIA ..despite the fact that I started at 5pm …got stuck in Akbar Road all of a sudden and there i was till 8.30pm…the stretch that takes half a minute to cross took 2.5hrs….and there was not a drop of water on this road.

If only some common sense had prevailed this could have been completely avoided. Delhi janta needs to use their brains a ‘bit’…it not ‘fully’. If only they inculcate certain amount of discipline, it won’t have been such a nightmare. Why the hell would you go on a wrong side..and why the hell would you make a 2 lane into 5 lane..and stop the traffic coming from the other side..why..why????? Completely unruly. Terrible.

Yes, from our office..few of us would be filing a PIL shortly on DDA/MCD/PWD.. Including the Airport mess..the DIAL guys are charging 200 per passenger as Development fee..for what???? for the top being blown away…for water flooding the terminal…Mind you this is the new terminal which is not even a few months old..!!! this is the state of affairs..!!! All the agencies needs to be whacked for taking things for granted and causing tension and trauma for lacks of road users. The amount of fuel that got burnt and energy wasted. They have to be accountable for this. Ridiculous.