Is AAP-Delhi really hugging New Politics with New Soul ?

Rakesh Manchanda

Let us understand the spirit behind the salesmanship and `prachar` of ministers including PM with his skillful Hindi slangs based on the voters mood swing.

Narender Modi, as the buzz goes, was never careful about what he wished “Jo desh ka mood hai,” he as a responsible PM for airing publically declared during the election campaign for the Delhi assembly, “Wahi Dilli ka mood hai.”

Voters who look innocent establish a history of mood swings. Delhi voters as hidden tigers as a media report says voted silently to change the trend based on muscle power and money.

Delhi Loss-Win has many hidden haloes around a single copy cat brand Modi- Arvind Kejriwal. In Gujarat the Modi team contribution stands the best. In Surat supporters paint and construct a Modi temple with voters as the blind `bhakts`.

Thanks to Modi Magic. Old Lok Sabha score Card was a clean sweep by BJP broom-7/0.Delhi as the Dil (heart) of India within 9 months gives birth to a deliberate delayed govt.Post 9 months the reverse BJP Delhi score card reads as 3/70.BJP is reduced to 3 in 70 Vidhan Sabha seats.

Let us focus on the Delhi mood swinger AAP with their shortcomings.

I had an opportunity in the past to work in a small group in E.Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency that includes 10 Vidhan Sabhas like Trilokpuri, Patparganj, Kondli, Vishwas Nagar, Laxmi Nagar and so on.

Allow me to focus only on the AAP worst performing assembly Vishwas Nagar of East Delhi with the most competitive hardworking Candidate-Dr.Atul Gupta.

Dr.Atul Gupta polled approx.48000 votes but lost by approx.10,000 votes to BJP `unpopular` candidate OP Sharma in a triangular fight.

I argued earlier in my past writings that the RSS strategy of using-`Modi, Money, liquor, and fake votes` mobilisation worked against AAP was evident in booth 81-84 of Vishwas Nagar and many more booths.Post election shock Wave of Delhi voters which destroyed Modi Team arrogance was not fully visible here. 

My pre-election observations are following.

Relation with Party workers and Media :
Instead of bullying new comers joining as Volunteers and for Media studies there should be a talent and skill protection motto by new imported para trooped office and handpicked post bearers as outsiders. Respect the sentiments of new visitors who are willing to help as workers as social media warriors is the meek lesson. Fear factor and bossism on Human Resource as we see fails like the behaviour of Kiran Bedi in BJP camp.

Let us assume that Delhi Volunteers flooding AAP offices are not from RSS-Naxal or Taliban camps but are simple Delhi lovers. 

At times office bearers take pride and glorify their past roots. What such fringes forget to announce to juniors is that success of AAP depends upon a New Politics, a new Future and a new system in a free and a equal society with no favours to the nears and dears. 
Major cause of Modi Model defeat in Delhi as put by media is coz of use of past and present abuses and Hindi slangs in public-private communication.

Few of such slangs are -Baazaru, Naxal, Pak-Agent, Dharna Baaz, Dramay-Baaz, Gutter-insect, Beemar, Sickular, Haramjaade, Aarajaak-Anarchist, Paagal-Mad and so on.

Are Critics important ? 
How many critics are motivated to be around the AAP Candidate is another leadership quality that was always dodged and wished away. Vishas Nagar AAP Candidate Dr Gupta worked extremely hard with slum voters. For connectivity he used Pad Yatras, Rallies and Jan Sabhas.Team efforts were however poor in one to one mapping in middle class voters.

An observer from Centre who to my understanding is like an essential invisible sugar in a cup of morning tea was never visible in the Vishwas Nagar decisions. Election management had a bully attitude asking newcomers to be blind followers with no vision, no discussions or no convincing as to why the public rally is important then a one to one mapping of the voters.

Is AAP in Delhi really hugging New Politics New Soul –Inclusive System?
Instead of marking their footprints first with one to one connectivity Vishwas Nagar-AAP Team only wanted to fly high in visible rallies.

Power was hardly used positively for motivating workers by the office bearers. It was difficult by few supporters to get a collective letter typed from Campaign office say for reaching RWAs with vision as to how to spend Rs.4 crore fund with Public consent and engaging them post elections. Grievances were overlooked and ignored. Filters for quality work were faulty and Management team insisted to overload the newcomers with their agenda rather than trying to understand their skills and collective map for contributions.

All this show that emergence of a new dream selling politics by AAP is still in speeches. It has to take roots with proper elected organisation sevaks.

Since election process in any country is based on selling future promises based on a Management Funda let us wear our polished Salesmen Boots. 

AAP candidates must stop tendering anti- people oral excuses that they cannot reply to email feedback and FB wall suggestions. Mechanism for official reply is a must in line with Arvind Kajeriwal oath promise speech to be available 24×7.This needs a daily demo at grass roots.

Silence of the candidates on collective ownership from the top to the bottom will never help. Team Kejriwal needs to wake up and find ways to plug the serious pitfalls before it is too late. At times the candidate appears to be under peer pressure in appointing the post holders without filtering the essential skills.

The election sales team with Sales boot of AAP has already vanished after the loss in Vishwas Nagar and the win of AAP in rest Delhi.

AAP will now need 10 times more volunteers with Swaraj Sandals in all ten Vidhan Sanhas of East Delhi. AAP requires local office support team as the AAP management team para-trooped by AAP centre were intelligent but at times arrogant, non transparent in decision making. They never bothered to utilize the local skills from ground zero.

Import of a skilful change maker management is an old classic revolution requirement as seen in African colonised countries in the past.

Revolutionary leader Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, better known as Che Guevara, was born on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina. After completing his medical studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Guevara first became politically active in his native Argentina and Bolivia.

In many African countries we find Che Guevara images as a freedom fighter. Folk tales tell that Che motivated the Africans to carry forward the Freedom movement. Today there are 54 Free African nations.

Back in Delhi-Many local foot solders want a simple local office with IT Sevaks, lap tops and support in Vishwas Nagar with social and commercial audits which stands missing or delayed due to lack in leadership and underutilisation of human resources and funds.

AK-67 in power now in Delhi needs to deliver results faster. To ensure more productivity, sense of belonging, better sharing, participation and ‘actual’ consumption for a safe Dilli.