After reading the suicide attempt made by Late Sh. Gajendra Singh , a farmer from the Distt. Of Rajasthan

Dr. M C Jain
P.hD (Psychology )
Associate Professor (Retd)
Deptt. Of Psychology, NCERT

The Creator is beyond our reach. We all living beings are mere toys or puppets in His hands. We willingly do not move but have to move when we are compelled to move. Naturally we have to stick to what comes to us.

What is life? Which is greater death or life?
Does ever a man think over it? Now the question arises where is the permanent place of for a man? Man is born without any hopes, but as he grows up and is entrapped in the worldly net of enchantment, his hopes begin to grow and increase day by day.

Is it life which your call your destination?
A destination having no destiny of it. It is merely an imagination that never ends with the satisfaction and it is of the nature that within no time converts a man into complete destruction for which he never feels dejected. People talk of belief and that belief which is not worth believing is nothing but a deceit, a cheat and foolish foundation of hopes. Nothing exits beyond destiny but is never helps a man.

Now it is required that there should be a correct and a standard balance that could give the measurement of life which always remains zero while death shown a figure. A figure with or without zero has some significance while zeroes, how so even and where so ever they may be, have no significance. Life is like a zero with no figures. Life is enjoyed again and again even then thirst is felt and in the end no one feels satisfied.

It is a fact that perfection is nowhere and it is achieved by none. Every human being comes in this world and due to his reasoning power he is called super living being. It matters little whether he applies his reasoning power in this right direction or not, but he feels satisfied when people talk of his direction. It is also not necessary that he should always be a winner. If he wins he feels proud of his success. If he fails, in spite of his failures, he too feels proud of his attempt.

Why are winners praised and looser?
There is a great controversy amongst people about it. Winners are praised on the ground that they get destination for which they have all tried .Looser often lose their lives and then they do not remain alive to see their achievement. This is really a destination.

Having an idea of death or suicide in the mind is not an act of bravery in any respect. It is correct to say that death removes all the troubles and worries of life apparently but resurrection is a low of nature to which no one can deny. Denying the law of nature is to forget God and to forget God is to forget oneself.

And to forget oneself is to forget all. When all is forgotten, nothing is left to think, neither destination nor anything. It is only a turn which is realized not after life, but during life and this is the real destination. Turn give what destination fails to give, hence death is a turn not a destination.