Modi Model Vs Desi Mufflar Man

Rakesh Manchanda

Adding confidence to people by supporting a lesser corrupt can lead to a lot of positive changes in our lives in India.

Thanks to the unique suit `donned` by our PM with name Narendra Damodardas Modi weaved all over in Pin stripes. The occasion was the recent Nuclear Sales meet. The other `hungry` salesman Obama came to Delhi to sell Uranium and weapons. The positive message of the Modi Suit made in London is `Yes We Can` and we are `Equal` to Americans in the Nuclear Sale deal.

Can an expensive 10 lakh imported suit by our leader help India blow confidence to fight corruption, unemployment and poverty? Gandhi`s golden remark was different-Strength does not come from the Physical Capacity it comes from an Indomitable will.

Sale Promotion of positivity is important otherwise the tag on this craft will be of an Anarchist. Confidence in the way leaders dress can ultimately lead them to be better Nagar Sevaks and MPs with better careers and with better business deals, which of course in turn begets more confidence. What our role models and leaders wear make a difference. Brands leave a long lasting impression on the followers. Dressing up is not only just a great experience to feel more confident, but it will also change the way others like President Obama and his Business team of Uranium sellers react to India and our PM. It helps to increase chances of a `Make Up` in India promotion even if `Make In` India is not immediately possible.

Readers may see interesting details as to how Indian Foreign business policy is weakened by Mod-Obama recent unequal Nuclear Sale Deal.

Being confident by supporting a lesser corrupt by our vote can lead to a lot of positive changes in our lives. It is the easiest way to impress the dreams of the millions in Gandhi`s India-A nation of Saints and Fakirs. India still remains half naked with hunger and no roof for millions.

Modi team says Socialist and Secular are useless terms in India while AAP insists to ensure a faster survival kit for poor if voted to power. Instead of Equality with secular implementation and protection in our constitution do we really need a leader with an expensive imported suit with a Zero delivery record in the past 8 months ?

A salesman only promotes `false pride` for profit. At times he fails to delivery and provides the much desired after sale services.

BJP CM candidate puts corruption as the 7th.Priority in Delhi while AAP says corruption control as a first priority will give a peaceful Delhi. Kiran Bedi Joins BJP only and only when she is declared as a CM Candidate. She chooses to compromise and remain silent on long list of criminals and rape accused in Modi Cabinet like Minister-Nihalchand.

Half Naked Gandhian Fakir in classic fashion today has new avatars and new followers. One follower is with both Gandhi & Godse unfortunately together in Modi Team mind and heart. Other follower is AAP- who needs promotion, votes and a win to see the `Make in Indian` pride is protected in Delhi with transparency and with equality.

Supporting a common man wearing a muffler to fight the cold, the cough and the corruption is the option and a choice in Delhi. What is Yours?