New show Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV

PremBabu Sharma

 India’s family comedy entertainment channel, launched Mrs. Tendulkar. A slice of life comedy, this show comes from Hats Off productions headed by JD Majethia & Aatish Kapadia. Starring Deven Bhojani & Kishori Godbole in pivotal roles, Mrs. Tendulkar premiers on 31st of January 2011 and will air every Monday – Thursday at 9.30pm only on SAB TV.

‘Mrs. Tendulkar’ is a unique story of the bank colony members who, work and live together as one big family. The show stars comedy-veteran Deven Bhojani, as Suhaas Tendulkar and Kishori Godbole a well-known Marathi actress as Vibhavari Tendulkar. The show revolves around the life of the Tendulkars’ where unlike most other families, wife is the bread-earner and husband a homemaker.

Deven Bhojani in the title role of Mrs. Tendulkar will be seen playing the role of a house-husband, doing all the daily chores and his wife Vibhavari aka Kishori Godbole is a bank manager at Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank. Mrs. Tendulkar not only backs his wife Vibhavari to pursue her successful career as a bank manager but, also dons the role of a house husband efficiently. He is very supportive of his wife and has very ably, adjusted in to this unconventional role of a homemaker! Though, the Tendulkar’s have adapted to this setting very amicably, this does not go down to well with the members of the new society.

Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Executive Vice President & Business Head, SAB TV said that, “Mrs. Tendulkar is set in a Maharashtrian background. The show has a winning combination of JD, Aatish ,Sameer Kulkarni & Deven who have a strong following of their own along with Kishori Godbole, who is a popular Marathi Theater & film artist. This show will strengthen our content offering and help us get incremental reach from Maharashtra which is an ever growing & big market for us.”

Talking about Mrs. Tendulkar, Producer, JD Majhethia said that, “We were contemplating with this idea for a long time. After numerous meetings with Mr. Anooj Kapoor, on different subjects, we agreed on Mrs. Tendulkar which excited us the most! Mrs. Tendulkar is an apt mix of fresh & contemporary ideas. It is a show that will appeal to all age groups. We are very sure that it will be loved by housewives, working women, working men & also men who work at home!”

Says script advisor, Aatish Kapadia, “Mrs. Tendulkar is a unique concept for Hats off Productions. We have always been known to create content which revolves around the Gujarati community. This is the first time that we are exploring the Maharashtrian community & we are trying our level best to get as close as we can to capture the Maharashtrian culture.”

Actor Deven Bhojani says, “I am very excited for Mrs. Tendulkar. It is a challenging role for me, something that I have never done before. People have seen the promos and liked them. I am sure when they see the show they are going to love it!”

Mrs. Tendulkar is a tale about the Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank colony that consists of distinctive personalities. It is said that employees of Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank share a love-hate relationship with each other. The society comprises of distinctive characters that are unique in their behaviour and are totally against any change in their life.Thus, not being able to accept the role reversal in the Tendulkar family the society members find it absurd that the man of the house is taking care of the three kids at home and doing menial chores, while the wife is out working as a bank manager trying to revive a declining bank branch!

This story is a roller coster ride of conflicting ideals, personalities and attitudes. Every episode will focus on the love-hate relationship between the Tendulkar’s and the rest of the society and how in a short span of time, both the factions start accepting each other and a beautiful bond is formed between the two!

Keeping in line with the brand promise of presenting light hearted shows that the entire family can enjoy together, SAB TV’s next Mrs. Tendulkar too has a plot for the perfect viewing of the entire family.

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